Cloud Computing Services for tiny Business – Myths Busted

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services are a prerequisite to all business- or so it may looks. In the age of “smart” devices and the social media sharing culture keeps to grow, having access to the cloud meant to have a web-site for your business in the early 2000s.

Every business, little or big, private or public, is utilizing the cloud technology at certain level.

It is still, interesting to note that when enterprises had been liberal with their cloud computing services budgets (IDG latest reported that enterprises had increased their cloud by 19% in the last one year!), small businesses are a more skeletal lot.

Let us look behind two main reasons why little and mid size business owners are apprehensive to get the cloud services.

Myth #1: Cloud computing services are not cost effective

Along with the data and information, and multiple online touch points of your exist day consumers, any business require to maintain a server for themselves. This goes hand to hand with other resources like space and some skilled individual to maintain the server’s upkeep. However, with the support of an efficient cloud computing service provider, you will be don’t worry about the hardware- its installation or maintenance. Besides it, you can choose the type of cloud infrastructure that suits your business and returns as you go. These services are yet cheaper than taking care of your own resources.

Myth #2: Cloud service provider should be trusted with security

I newly overheard a conversation between some peers about the fears of hosting their data with cloud computing service providers. In their saying, these service providers are more concentrated on the scale and speed of businesses and security is not particularly among their top focus. You will not face this challenge with reliable cloud services. As a customer you are asked to ensure that your service provider giving data securities with the same view like that of business scalability. Security on the cloud can be customized as per your requirement- from an easy password to a complex and sophisticated password + local encryption + biometrics.

Myth #3:Small business irrespective of need cloud computing or their services

While firms are sparing no expenses to adopt the cloud, little business are busy convincing themselves that cloud may not be essential after all. Contrary to popular sayings, cloud computing need not to be get for the elite “hi-tech” businesses. As a business that is about to produces a vast amount of data across the internet and wants to hold to its customers in a competitive environment, cloud computing and its consequent services is not ignorable. This will not only help you develop your business faster, but also help you save more costs when spending less money and time.


Unlike popular saying, hiring a cloud service provider to keep care of your cloud computing needs is neither expensive nor threatening. On the other hand, with the help of a reliable and experienced service provider, you will be able to worry less about these matters. Such an arrangement can advantage you with reduced costs, ease of access and a secure environment.

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