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Advancement of Business through Big Data Solutions

The first step is, knowing what you can actually do with the big data. The second one is, knowing how to get it done. With the HPE Haven platform, Samarpan Infotech innovates in software, services as well as big data infrastructure to get data tangible for your desired business, right now. Below is mentioned how:

  • Compress data silos, uncover the details that are not known and set up holistic data strategies
  • Perform analysis of all data that is structured and unstructured, all through data and application life cycles to unite disparate legacy data and the onslaught of novel data by HPE IDOL
  • Adapt to requirements as they occur with modular cloud as well as open standards data solutions, thus resources are made available flexibly and quickly
  • Balance assets with liabilities through infrastructure and strategy, so merely the relevant data pools inform personalization, monetization, and forecasting.
Big Data Hadoop

Popular Big Data Platforms for Data-Driven Developer

Utilize Hadoop development for your big data to capture as well as discover the essential information. Then, improve analytical performance on HPE Vertica, with alternatives for real-time, interactive analytics on the Hadoop platform and SQL Analytics for petabyte scale insights.

Apache Hadoop is a scalable, reliable, open-source and distributed computing software which allows distributed processing of big sets of data all over clusters of computers by making use of simple programming models. The Hadoop software library of Apache is actually a framework that is designed to scale around thousands of devices from a single server. All of these individual machines provide local computation as well as storage. Instead of depending on hardware to offer availability, the library itself is created in a manner that detects as well as handles failures at the application layer. This takes care of highly-available service on a cluster of computers, each of that may be apt to failures.

We are the Leading Big Data Solution Provider

Being a trusted big data solution provider in India and USA, Samarpan Infotech offers high-end as well as top-ranked services to assist businesses to increase their big data projects. Our professional team of engineers, architects, and data scientists have effectively delivered scalable, secure and robust solutions to the customers across different industry verticals.

We analyze large data and grant you the deepest insights into unknown possibilities. Our expert data scientists have a unique method to decisively analyze each piece of information prior to taking a business decision. Serious use-cases for big data analytics comprise advertisement targeting, risk modeling, understand consumer behavior, and log analysis and fraud analysis. MapReduce is actually a framework that is used to develop applications that process big quantity of data. The big advantage of MapReduce framework is that it is simple to scale data processing over manifold computing nodes. So, Hadoop MapReduce Development is always the best option.

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