Top Highlights Of WWDC 2018

WWDC 2018

The opening sentence of Tim Cook was “This time it will be all about Software.”
WWDC 2018 was seriously all about the latest software updates and features. The theme for this year was productivity and performance and like always Apple has stunned us.

Apple’s Keynote then here are the top highlights of WWDC 2018

iOS 12
iOS 12 will be available for the devices which are running iOS11. the oldest iPhone that can use iOS12 will be iPhone5S and the oldest iPad will be AIR2.
The major focus of iOS12 was to make it faster with less battery usage. As a result; now apps will be loaded 40 percent faster, keyboard will work 50 percent smoother and you can take a picture from the lock screen 70 percent faster.
My personal favorite is The screen Time App; the app will give people their weekly summary of phone activities which will display how much they’ve spent on their device. The users can even set limits on the amount of time they want to spend on certain apps.

Latest MacOS
This update of Apple’s MacOS is at the focus of making it more easy to use.

With features like Stacks mode, new macOS app store Night mode and Voice Memos, MacOS Mojave is going to rule 2018.
For less eye-straining screen time Apple has introduced the NightMode; The stacks mode is for those who are having a messy desktop screen, all the files of same types will be stored under one stack.

This year Apple has also focused on data protection concern and now for the websites like Facebook the user will get a notification “Do you want to be tracked?”. As a result, users can control the usage of cookies.

ARKit 2

The details of the latest version of ARKit: ARKIT2 were also introduced. The new Arkit will have improved Face tracking and multiple people can collaborate together using their iPhones or iPads to be in the same AR experience.
Another major introduction in ARKit was the new file format Usdz; designed specifically for AR. And an app called Measure to take measurements from iPhone’s camera by scanning their size.

New Siri shortcuts
Siri will now suggest you for app actions that the user may want; this will be based on the location and time of the day. For example; if your calendar is having someone’s birthday stored then Siri will suggest you call that person.

Now you can create your own Animoji with the Memoji feature. You can create your digital avatar just by selecting any Animoji and swiping right to create an Memoji.
There are options to select like skin color, hairstyle, glasses, earrings and freckles. Once the memoji is created it can be saved and later be used within messages like any regular animoji.

Apple watch OS5
My personal favorite feature of Apple Watch OS5 is the walkie-talkie mode. You can talk to your friend over Apple watch by simply tapping and recording a message and then sending it to your friend.
The fitness features of Apple watch are updated; the runners can set custom speed alerts, check a rolling mile pace and see how many steps per minute the runner is taking.

TvOS 12
An Apple TV remote control has been added to the iPhone and iPad apps; so that the users don’t have to log in every time. They can autofill from their iPhone or iPad to use the apps they were already using.
Although there was no mention of HomePod or any updates in the Homepod which was released last year in WWDC 2017.

Overall, Apple has stuck to its theme “Productivity and performance” in WWDC 2018. This year was all about software; for those who were waiting for the launch of new iPhone SE maybe they have to wait for next year.

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