6 Reasons Why Azure Cloud Development Is Necessary For Every Business

Azure Could Development

The world is going mobile, so does our storage. Gone are the days of storing confidential data in hard-drives and then locking them. This is the era of anytime-anywhere usage of data from cloud storage.

Even though we are afraid of relying on cloud solutions we are using cloud computing services in our daily life. How? Google Drive, Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, and even TurboTax are cloud-based applications.

Window’s Azure cloud development is serving a cloud-based application platform which provides quantifiable services like computing, analytics, database, network, and storage.

As per the recent report by DMR, Microsoft Azure holds 31% of the total cloud market share.

Here are top 6 factors responsible for integrating Azure cloud development with businesses:

Integrated Development Environment

Azure cloud service has reinvented visual studio.

Azure cloud development is the top development environment around the globe which is built in Visual Studio. The major reason for this is a smooth and rapid deployment and secured application. The powerful monitoring tools and advanced built-in diagnostic identifies the root cause of bugs faster than ever.

Azure has built its pipeline in a manner that the future updates will get easily rolled out in the pipeline.

Disaster recovery

Azure has the best cloud services for the companies which work with the global transfer of data. The fully automated data center of Microsoft’s Azure serves one-touch disaster recovery solutions. The recovery point object and recovery time object are nearly zero and even the traditional disaster recovery expenses will get lower to 80%.

Data recovery solution of Azure utilizes application stack orchestration, block-level continuous replication, and automated machine conversion to serve the best data recovery and security services.

Ensure compliance with the help of Azure

Azure has the capability to provide a platform that can focus on the business outcomes and can deal with heavy lifting scenarios as well. With the introduction of GDPR, the privacy policy is changing rapidly, especially in sectors like finance.

Azure provides the best solutions to maintain authorization around the data.

Hybrid or all-cloud model

It is not necessary to adopt cloud solutions completely; you can always opt for a hybrid model. The hybrid cloud solution of Azure provides solutions like:

  • Designing: azure serves top class data center designs for users around the globe who are looking for the best way to manage their private and public cloud platforms.
  • Discover: Azure developers will perform a deep assessment of the user’s systems, applications and current data center to check their sustainability with the hybrid cloud.
  • Transition: Azure will handle the transfer of your existing servers, applications, and workloads securely into the cloud platforms.

Faster results: Azure understands the importance of speed, as a result, Azure provides top results in the major areas:

  • The Deployment
  • The Operation
  • The Scalability And Functionality

The speed of Microsoft’s Azure is unbeatable in the above three areas as compared to on-premises servers or any other top cloud providers.

Fully Integrated Delivery Pipeline

To maintain the quality of services a continuous delivery pipeline is necessary. With Microsoft’s Azure, the delivery pipeline is based on four stages; the first two stages are necessary for continuous application integration while the last two controls secure delivery:

  • Development of code base of the application
  • Compile code process building
  • Load testing
  • Deployment of the latest version of the application

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