Internet of Things

A smart idea of transforming your world to convenience

Nowadays cellular phones are connecting one people to another and devices all over the world. Internetworking between devices with wireless sensors is being amplified. And the evolution of these is called Internet of Things (IoT). It is what that brings a quick and strong connection between the machines and human beings or you can say the way or the ability to build a network and make the data transferred from one device to another to create a strong interaction.

It is not only an advancement of technology but is also an integrated system of maintaining the ecosystem and building smart environment.

Here at Samarpan Infotech, an IoT application development company help our clients to move forward with this new connected world. Businesses can be spread with our IoT services by improving operational efficiency, enhance user experience and create a digital business. It connecting the people, process, and information together.

How IoT is Involved in our daily life:

Just like the CCTV camera, safe door lock, health check-up and home monitoring, there are many other devices also involved in our daily life for more convenience and safe living solution. Such as track your activity level, a reminder to take medicine, heat and cool your home, track your lost keys, putting the lights on/off and much more. These all are done by the help of software and sensor inbuilt. Besides these, there are more different types of facilities available.

Internet of Things

Advantages of Internet Of Things

  • Strong Communication: Communication between the devices helps to make the right decision easier.
  • Automation and control: Due to the digital connection and control between the devices, the machines are able to communicate with each other without human intervention.
  • Time-Saving: Because of automatic communication between devices, the amount of time saved into monitoring.
  • Save Money: This is the biggest advantage of IoT. It replaces the humans who are paid for monitoring and maintaining supplies.

IoT Applications developed by Samarpan Infotech

Making the viewers and user experience the best is the key to success and so, here we are offering the best Internet of Things solutions to keeps you on advancement. We have developed the application for beacons as well as fleet management.


Beacon is a low-cost piece of hardware device that use a Bluetooth connection to transmit messages or prompts to the smartphone or tablet. Since beacon is used in most of the sectors from banking, airport, shopping malls, hotels, schools and universities, museums, zoos, smart cities, libraries and much more.

From Hi to Bye messages are flashed, being social to the web world like Facebook and Twitter to personal like gallery and documents the app is designed in a way that it gives a one hand solution.

Fleet Management System

Internet of Things is rapidly moving towards a truly connected world. New devices and connectivity options will allow companies to find innovative ways to work with. One such potential beneficiary of IoT is “Fleet management” industry.

In logistics, the supply chain is made up of manufacturers, transport companies, and retailers. Information sharing and connectivity is necessary for all of them. Therefore, IoT plays an important role in this industry.

The basic function of the fleet management system is the vehicle tracking component. This component is based on 3 technologies – RFID, GPS and OBD II’s. These technologies can help to obtain real-time information on routes, driving behaviors, and vehicle maintenance.

How can Samarpan Infotech help you?

By giving a tough competition to the other IoT solution provider in the USA, we are providing a complete range of affordable and quality IoT apps as per our client’s needs. It gives solution not only for a specific area or part but exhibit and guides through the designed interface.

We have a team of talented and highly experienced professionals for offering you the IoT application development as per your business requirements. Get the best apps developed for Internet of Things and simplify your living today!!

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