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EHR/EMR System Development

With mature implementation methodology as well as the expertise of Samarpan Infotech in developing significant use compliant EHR and EMR products has been an important partner for leading healthcare business and ISVs. Our best EMR/EHR solutions assist you in patient workflow automation, accessibility of patient details at the point of care, increase collaboration, and make things easier in the integration of healthcare applications.

Knowing the EMR

Electronic Medical Records software that is EMR is a very popular healthcare automation solutions provided by Samarpan Infotech. Our EMR system can assist you to grant better patient care with the hottest clinical productivity tools. With dependable procedures, logical workflows & specialty-specific templates, our expert EMR system can assist you to automate each of the features of your patient documentation procedure.

The expert EMR software solution which we offer can be united to your medical billing software and practice management software to grant you a fully-integrated healthcare system.

Healthcare Solutions

Know the features and functionalities of EMR software?

  • Cost utilization dashboards: get the detailed knowledge of the total cost spent for outpatient/inpatient, pharmacy, and DME services. Know high-cost /high-risk beneficiaries & help case managers, as well as providers, build better care plans through closed-loop analytics
  • Population Health: build clinical quality dashboards & population health data visualization through zip code and region, analyze local results against. national health trends
  • Clinical Quality Measures: Dashboards offer insight into your performance on ACO and PCMH measures
  • Population Health Alerts: configurable via community or quality thresholds, through dashboards to manage each of them
Patient Engagement
  • Targeted, unnamed feedback concerning a visit provides medical practices together with valuable information for improvement and monitoring
  • Being an NCQA CAHPS survey vendor, Samarpan Infotech can send the easy to complete CAHPS patient fulfillment survey questionnaire to your pediatric and adult patients & submit to NCQA
  • Engage patients by patient apps on their mobile phones
  • Communicate with patients via text, voice or app notifications & receive their responses at the point of care
Referral Network and Transitions in Care
  • Develop a secure network of trustworthy providers for referrals & consultations
  • Connect and safely exchange data among providers that make use of any EMR or no EMR at all
  • The Address books for in-network as well as out-of-network providers
  • Effective Network leakage dashboards report on referrals that are out-of-network
Care Planning
  • Member Management dashboards
  • Patient-level dashboards to recognize gaps in care
  • Care Plan management & risk assessment
  • Schedule Management
  • Patient Community Medical Record View (PCMRV)
Care Coordination Platform
  • Community integration platform (CEP), which manages the protected exchange of data among ancillary service providers (radiology, labs, and hospital information systems), state, local and regional health information exchanges, ambulatory EMR systems and immunization registries
  • Longitudinal view of every patient in the community (CCD/CCR/C32)
  • Integrated Enterprise Master Patient Index (IEMPI)
  • Receive payer feeds for cost as well as utilization
Why Choose EMR software?

Our EMR software offer has features & functionalities that specially address the requirements of office administrative staff, medical assistants, nurse practitioners, and doctors. By making use of our EMR software, you can effectively:

  • Maintain everyday appointment schedules which can be easily accessed through your administrators or physicians
  • Manage the documents for distribution as well as further processing
  • Ensure the stability of treatment and activities through listing out the physician tasks
  • Build reminders & electronic messages

With the assistance of our EMR software, your professional physicians can utilize the most proficient data capture tools to make sure that data is entered rapidly with fewer computer interactions. All your physicians can utilize the templates & treatment plans options to modify their favorite protocols. The professional can use this feature to offer patient information, generate lab or pharmacy orders or/ and record common ailments.

What can be the benefits of EMR software?
  • Enhanced patient processing is attained by speeding up the procedure of check-in, improving the accuracy of patient’s data and lessening paperwork
  • Medical history of every patient is stored in the EMR system for fast review by your clinical staff or physicians
  • Establishment of workflow management in your office and clinical best practices
  • The knowledge base feature grants informative updates on the treatments and diagnoses based on nation-wide guidelines
  • The specific pharmaceutical module in the Electronic Medical Records software solution includes the latest medications & dosage data to assist you to avoid complex drug interactions

Know the EHR

EHR that stands for Electronic Medical Record has the potential to eliminate all the complicated paperwork by making use of advanced tools and technologies. Following are the functionalities that included in an effective EHR development:

Improved workflow

Unified with the Samarpan Infotech Practice Management system, an individual or patient efficiently flow from check-in to departure. Workflow is actually from the front desk to expert physicians to billing office staff is flawless. Quicker Documentation through templates, drop-down lists, and much more


EHR from Samarpan Infotech makes it easy to send as well as receive information: whether it is just an alert to a co-worker down the hall, a recommendation to an expert across town, or else an exchange of data with a hospital situated in another state. There is also the availability of electronic prescription.


A lot of features within the Electronic Medical Record software can be configured on a per provider basis. This states that Samarpan Infotech will accommodate how the professionals like to work; not the other way around.

Access Clinical Content

Whether you are inside an exam room, office or at home, all of your practice data is at your fingertips. Manage all the medications, access labs & test results, clinical decision support, as well as patient education materials are simply some of the vital kinds of information accessible in an instant. Provided are the tools required for patient disease management and healthcare quality measures using Quality Measure Reporting and built-in Registry.

Why Samarpan Infotech for the task

Strong delivery experience of addressing the requirements of healthcare value chain including payers, providers, pharma and ISVs

  • Dedicated centres of brilliance for Microsoft & JAVA
  • Data & keyword driven healthcare computerization framework which reduces your cycle time to around 40%
  • Reusable test case repository for EHR /EMR testing
  • Global delivery network
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