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Cross platform app development for smart users

Cross-platform application development refers to the creation of apps that can be utilized on various mobile platforms. This kind of development can either entail a company building the original application on a native platform (that could be iOS, Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry or RIM, etc.) or creating the original app in a single environment for the development that will afterward enable the app to be sent to various different native platforms.

Cross Platform Application Development

Some Popular Cross-Platform Frameworks

Here below we have listed some of the popular cross-platform frameworks:


Xamarin utilizes C# as the chief language for the cross-platform application development. C# is a statically kind language with mature IDE and tooling support. Also, a lot of big companies have professional C# programmers in their internal IT departments. So, enterprises have a tendency to regard Xamarin as the best investment.


The Sencha Touch is utilized to develop quickly and quickly HTML5 based mobile applications that work on iOS, Android, and Blackberry gadgets and creates a native-app-like experience within a mobile browser or whenever wrapped as a native application through a wrapper. Professional Sencha developers at Samarpan Infotech have been making use of Sencha Touch 2 to develop HTML5 mobile web apps. By the release of Sencha Touch 2.3, Samarpan Infotech has also improved their technical skills and expertise for the latest version.


PhoneGap is an open source framework which helps in developing potent cross platform mobile applications for your business requirements. Once you build the mobile apps using web standards such as JavaScript, CS3 or HTML5 you can easily access the commanding native features with the PhoneGap. The PhoneGap applications can be deployed to multiple platforms, for instance, Apple, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android, Symbian OS, HP web OS and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

Why is PhoneGap getting so popular among many businesses?

In the current era, various brands such as Facebook, Wikipedia, SalesForce, Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, prefers PhoneGap app development because of its advanced features and benefits.

The primary reason of PhoneGap being more popular among the various brands is that this supports different platforms and behave like native mobile apps. Developing application forever platform including iOS, Windows, Android needed more coding effort and necessitates high cost because professional developers have to write separate code for every OS.

Appcelerator Titanium:

Appcelerator Titanium utilizes JavaScript as the chief language for development as well as aims at bringing recognizable web development paradigms to native app development. However, it some way didn’t capture the typical attention but many apps development is taking place on top of it. Appcelerator moreover has a proprietary paid MBaaS that is Mobile Backend as a Service, which it is pushing more.


Firefox Beta is another tool for cross-platform application development. For Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android, Firefox introduces some powerful novel features as well as tools to assist developers in creating & building Web content, applications, and add-ons more effortlessly than before.

Choosing Samarpan Infotech of the Efficient Services

At Samarpan Infotech, Mobile application development services have been one of our core proficiency. Our expert team has wide experience in developing unique mobile apps that enable us to serve up your challenging requirements.

Our professional cross-platform developers have sufficient knowledge in creating the web, customized and mobile solutions that can work on multiple device platforms & OS. Whether running Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows OS on a Smartphone, tablet, or laptop, our developers can develop right solutions.

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