Justin Trudeau Explained about Exploitation of AI and Smart Cities in Canada

Why Canada is Getting AI & Smart Cities

At Toronto, Google’s Go North event held, which featured many speakers focused chiefly on AI. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talked much about the Canadian viewpoint on innovation, & concerning why Canada is doing much good with regards to acting as a hub for development and research around AI in general.

He explained that as he has no precise insight in terms of where technical advancement with AI is taking us, Trudeau believes it is not up to the government of Canada to “pick winners,” but instead, it is their responsibility to say that they are supposed to “invest in quantum, we are going to invest in artificial intelligence, we’re supposed to invest in robotics, we are supposed to invest in innovative, high-value, creative, revolutionary areas” which match the Canadian education system as well as the entrepreneurial values of countries.

He also added that our country has the drive to look for a way to “be pertinent in a best positive manner on the world stage,” & that artificial intelligence fits with that purpose, as do investment in other high-tech fields.

Schmidt revealed that Canada moreover has notably diverse strategies when talking about encouraging an ambiance of innovation, and that comprises precise policies around immigration. He took the chance to talk regarding the similarities between the Canadian and American perception on immigration, and then also regarding where those perceptions diverge.

The PM pointed out that immigrants have been significant to both of the countries, but Canada believes like it is constantly important, and is in fact of rising significance in the increasingly global economy. Moreover, he explained that immigrants should have the tendency to be particularly compatible with contributing to the expansion of the economy especially in the field of innovation.

He said that his country realized the requirement to attract superlative talent to the country has not changed, & that it continues to not only require to “draw in populace from all over the world but also to “grant them paths to success,” which will sequentially lead to success taken as a whole for both for the economy and their communities at large. Those paths mean the means as well as opportunity to develop skills required to contribute in areas of economic growth and innovation.

More Talk Done About Smart Cities

Apart from the mentioned talks, Trudeau also talked on the topic of smart cities, and particularly the project Canada & the city of Toronto are carrying out with Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs to turn a derelict section of Toronto’s waterfront into a novel model city of the coming future. After that, Schmidt asked the Prime Minister how Canada came to hold this idea, in a way presently unique all over the nations.

There is a tendency to travel inside the people of Canada, Trudeau said, and that gives a global outlook on the way cities work & their diverse approaches to things such as traffic & how people reside in urban areas. The novel waterfront project provides Canadians “remarkable opportunity to leapfrog or innovate” in urban innovation, as the present cities grew organically into what they actually are & how they work, for the betterment or for worse, however the latest smart city region won’t “be developed on the bones of the previous failure and previous successes,” but will rather be developed from a sanitary slate.

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