WhatsApp for Business App Get Launched in India…How to Get Started With it?


The Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has launched its WhatsApp for Business Application in India on January 22nd, 2018. This is another app from WhatsApp group, which is slightly more sophisticated and has some better features for business personals. There are very few countries that have been already using this application like – The United States, The United Kingdom, Italy, Indonesia and Mexico. Now, India and Brazil are also part of this group. The company revealed in one of their blog post that India and Brazil are great markets for their WhatsApp for Business application.

Well, now the app is available in India and you can easily get it downloaded from the Play Store. The app is available for all the operating systems like – android, windows, and Mac.

This app also works and was built on the same platform as the WhatsApp Messenger application. Although it has a lot of advanced and developed features like – verified profiles, quick replies, greeting messages, away messages, etc. It also has a feature where it can access messaging statistics for a particular period of time.

Now, as this application is available for us to use, why not to give it a try. It might be possible that it is more of use than what we think of it now.

Here are The Steps You can Follow to Start Using it

  • Step: 1 – Firstly you need to go to the play store and need to download the application.
  • Step: 2 – After the application get downloaded, you need to install it on your mobile phone.
  • Step:3 – While installing the app; enter the contact number that you want as your WhatsApp for Business’s account number. Also, give it all the permissions required by the app. (You can use the same number for both forms of WhatsApp applications and can convert your regular account to a business account).
  • Step: 4 – After your contact number gets registered, you need to name the business account. (You can change the name of your business account later).
  • Step:5 – Now, the application will lead you to the chat window, and you are good to go.
  • Step:6 – You can go to the settings option and can fill all other information regarding your business group like – the location of the business, the category of the business, description of your business, email addresses, websites, business hours and many more things like that.(This step is not compulsory, but I personally suggest you follow this step as well).

Note- You can add up to 256 members in your WhatsApp for Business group.

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