5 Best Application of Artificial Intelligence for an Effective Marketing Strategy

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology is a very hot topic in marketing in the present era, but AI is a big term including a broad range of diverse technologies. AI means any technology which seeks to imitate human intelligence that covers a wide range of capabilities such as image and voice recognition, techniques of machine learning & semantic search. Professional marketers like to wax lyrical concerning the latest thrilling technologies & bang on about Artificial intelligence for image recognition, preventing data leaks, speech recognition, or even aiming drones at the remote communities. Here we are discussing some applications of AI in the marketing strategy:

1. Content Generated Through AI

This is actually a very interesting area for Artificial Intelligence. It can’t put a write up a political opinion column or else a blog post on best practice advice for something, but there are several areas where this technology generated content can be utilized and assist in drawing visitors to your business site.

2. Voice search

This is another AI technology that we can use, but when talking about using it for marketing, it’s concerning making use of the technology developed through the major players (Amazon, Google, and Apple) instead of developing your individual capability. Voice search will actually change future search engine optimization strategies, and brands require keeping up. A brand which nails voice search can influence big gains in organic traffic with great purchase intent thanks to raised voice search traffic because of AI drove virtual personal assistants.


It mimics human intelligence through being competent to interpret customer’s queries & complete orders for them. People might think that chatbots are tremendously difficult to develop & only great brands with huge budgets will be capable of doing them. But in reality, by making use of open chatbot development platforms, this is relatively easy to develop your own chatbot devoid of a big team of expert developers.

Facebook is concerned in assisting the development of chatbots for different brands. It desires to make its Messenger application the reach to place for individuals to have conversations with the professional brand’s virtual ambassadors. The must know good news for business brands is that in this s the way they can utilize some of Facebook’s commanding and effective bot development tools.

4. Ad targeting

Algorithms of machine learning can run through huge amounts of historical data to institute, which ads do best on which people & at what stage in the procedure of purchasing. Utilizing this data they can serve them with the very influential content at the right moment. By using ML to continually optimize lots of variables you can attain more effective ad placement as well as content than traditional approaches. However, you will still require humans to do the innovative parts!

5. Web and App Personalisation

Utilizing a propensity model in order to predict a consumer’s stage in the purchaser’s journey can enable you to serve that consumer, either on an application or on a web page, through the most pertinent content. If somebody is still new to a website, content which informs them as well as keeps them engaged will be very effective, whilst if they have visited a lot of times & are clearly concerned about the product then more in-detail content regarding a product’s benefits will do better.

In this ways, we can say that artificial intelligence can do the best in performing effective digital marketing strategy.

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