Let’s have a Better Understanding of Angular JS, React JS and Node JS

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As we know we are in JavaScript next generation, where we are everything gets customized as per user needs. Angular JS, React JS, and Node JS are the 3 most useful languages of programming recent years. The overview of Angular JS, React JS, and Node JS provided below.

Angular JS:

Angular developers develop Angular JS with the primary objective of addressing single page application design challenges. Angular JS works at MVC platform, where there is simplified development by giving a reliable solution. Angular JS follows some protocols, such as Angular data binding. In Angular, the Model & the View are linked to permit automatic data synchronization between the 2.

Any changes in Angular JS to the View are at same time propagated on to the Model & vice-versa. This property enabling Angular app development to be less demanding as the model of programming is simplified for the coder. Angular modular development is utilized for building modular rich client-side apps that are properly structured. Modules are designed to separate JS files and are necessary for separation of logic. They play an important role in keeping the code organized. An instance of Angular JS Modules weaves Controllers, Applications, and Services. Every part of the application is carried in a different container to keep the code clean.

Let’s Know the Pros of ‘Angular 2′

Based on the component:

AngularJS 2.0 is built on components that make to reuse different components along with modularity. What it means is that you can utilize AngularJS irrespective of any wrapper coding, any component written in form of a Web Component.

Based on Typescript:

AngularJS was developed on the building of TypeScript with the comprehensive help of ECMAScript 6 Standardization and 1 of the distinct benefits over its former- version Angular 2 has its backing for module landing that is finished using system.js.

Cross Platform:

AngularJS2 provides comprehensive backing to the cross-platform solution and provides wide-ranging support for desktop applications on Linux, Windows, and Mac using same to same AngularJS methods plus give the ability to integrate native OS APIs.

Best speed and Great performance:

Angular2 results have been surprising with better speed & flawless performance regarding the testing, browser rendering & animation and accessibility completely to all the components.

Angular2 CLI:

Angular2 CLI makes it happens an application development that performs right out of the box and follows well practices!

React JS

JS a revolutionary platform! It gives us high-performance client & server side rendering with a 1-way flow for data binding when I perform on this, I experience like I’m flying in the sky. React JS depends on building reusable elements of code base which make an application very lightweight, more of a library that makes it enough easy to work with. I know that React is more of a library in spite of a framework. It can best be explained as an application view that permits the programmer to use reusable components again and again. It is made of its own React libraries & tools, and solutions that developers can utilize to build their self JS framework.

React Pros

It accomplishes the separation of data and presentation. React provide little more than a layer of presentation. React components go along with a concept of ‘state’ which suit for ephemeral storage.

Easy to start writing:

Writing in React is same to same as writing in HTML. One can simply start coding, skipping various the syntax is.

DOM binding is not React’s focus.

Previously if you have written some front-end component with or without the framework in the past 1/2 of a decade you must be familiar with the ache of building DOM elements to workability. React handles this in so simpler way, as it splits across many areas of the code with 1 responsibility.

React is not a framework:

React itself assumed as the library that provides a declarative process of defining UI components. Redux is a library that provides data store. React-DOM is an included library that gives rendering and DOM diffing. React-Redux giving the glue between React & Redux.

Node JS:

It’s a platform where I have not worked many, but it is the time when I am learning Node JS. Node JS can be said as JavaScript that has been provided with the ability to execute on the computer, instead of the browser, such as normal JS. It came true by the V8 JavaScript runtime engine.

Depend on a modular architecture, Node JS simplifying the complicated .net applications development. It performs on an event-driven non-blocking I/O model and is used for developing server-side apps in JavaScript. It permits you to build uses that you can concentrate and create JavaScript files with, on your system.

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