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Indian Software Companies

The US President Donald Trump declared his support for a legislation which would slice in half the amount of legal immigrants permitted into the US at the time of moving to a “merit-based” system supporting English-speaking skilled employees for the residency cards.

Succeeding a series of terrible news for the workers of the $150-billion software company of India, the “merit-based” system, supporting English-speaking skilled employees, for the residency cards will give a lot of benefit to India.

Exploring the News

The RAISE Act would cut down the present lottery system to put on the US and also set up a points-based system for possessing a green card. Factors which would be taken into consideration include education, English language skills, high- paying job offers & age.

Australia was highly known for such policies of points-based migration. Canada pursued later on. In both of the countries, middle-class Indians had a lot of benefits. At the present time, India is the favoured immigrant source for Australia & is in the top 3 sources for the Canada. The points system of Australia was devised from Indian Australian born in Hyderabad.

The observers of Washington doubted that Donald Trump, who has not passed any legislation in his initial six months in the office, has the vital support for the US Congress. A lot of Republicans are big supporters of the immigration. Democrats are in opposition to policies that efficiently discriminate next to low-class immigrants.

However, Trump’s support of the bill is a primary step for the US, the world’s biggest immigrant destination, having adoption of an immigration policy which looks at the individual capital that the immigrant takes.

Critics have strongly argued this point-based system worsen the ‘brain drain’ factor in this immigration. But by anti-immigrant sentiment rising among the working class of a lot of developed countries, blocking the door to an analogous class of third world migrants is viewed as a politically convenient response.

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