Web Designing Trends that You Will See in 2018

Web Designing Trends 2018

As technology getting advanced and becoming very much ingrained into all facets of our daily lives, people are demanding progressively more from their online user experiences. This same is going to happen in 2018 as well. Therefore we are here providing how you can make your online presence better in the future with these handy tips.

1. Giving Priority to Mobile

As per the statistics, “In the year 2016, 43.6 % of every website traffic was generated by the mobile phones, up from the 35.1 % in the preceding year.” It’s a fact that the significance of mobile-friendly website design has been rising for the past some years, & this trend doesn’t look to get slowing down anytime soon. At present, in the initial half of the year 2018, the Google would be putting forward its new Mobile First Index, giving more consideration on your site’s mobile version through making it the foremost to be seen in search results. This implies that your site should contain mobile-friendly design.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is also getting very much important. Traditional mobile sites can be pretty clunky; however, AMP ramps up the UX at mobile by stripping down code, utilizing external resources for running scripts and media files in parallel to let pages to load immediately.

Whether you want to design a brand-new website or retrofit any available website, AMP is essential for 2018. No prospective customer likes a page which loads leisurely, and you don’t wish to provide prospects to one of your (quicker) competitors.

2. Bright Colours and Bold Fonts

To match these modern styles of designing, you will need a kind font which stands out. Bold styles assist users to concentrate on the content, at the same time whitespace gets it easier to read as well as skim through. Collectively, they are an ideal complement. Since people only spend some seconds, around a couple of minutes, having a look at your pages, you necessitate catching their attention with designs and colors that stand out. The objective is to build an enjoyable and easy experience for the viewers to keep them on the website for as long as possible & ultimately make them paying customers.

3. Bottom Sticky Elements vs. Top Sticky Elements

You have an idea that your users read left to right, but have you ever thought that your users are being used to tapping at the bottom of their mobile applications to navigate? As mobile application design is very significant to modern web design, professional developers are starting to create sticky menu items scroll through the bottom of the site, rather than the top of the pages. Progressive web applications are a bit accountable for this design evolution, as developers begin to design the latest functionality.

4. Scroll Triggered Animations Will Get More Advanced

Scrolled animation triggers support users to continue scrolling down your site pages with especially triggered interactive elements which boost engagement. You can see here one good example of Apple’s scroll triggered the animation. Such animation triggers are not new, but they got started to be utilized in a new manner. The finest scroll triggered animations are educational and strategic, minimalist, designed to raise conversions.

5. Responsive Design

Responsive design is needed when your site is designed in a manner that it resizes to look attractive across manifold screen sizes: tablets, mobile, TV, desktops or wearables. In 2018, we anticipate this design element will keep on expanding to include novel forms of technology like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

6. Scalable Vector Graphics

Since they are not new, in the year 2018 you can look forward to this graphic format overtake more conventional file formats for example PNG, JPG, and GIF. SVGs are actually vector images, not the pixels that give them a lot of advantages. They are extremely scalable, meaning they will not affect the speed of page when animated due to the reason that they don’t’ need any HTTP requests. SVGs are important to offering quality multimedia experiences for users in the near future.

7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

They might sound like the terms from a sci-fi film; however machine learning and artificial intelligence have now hit the mainstream. We have seen a lot of advancement in AI and ML and it has so many future prospects. It is growing now and will speedily grow in the near future as well. We will start to perceive them make their way into website design in other, extra advanced ways.

8. Internet of Things

Connecting web services to the IoT has been a grand trend in the year 2017, & it will go on with this path in 2018 as well. IoT devices can comprise objects as easy as a refrigerator to as intricate as a tidal turbine. Such “things” utilize sensor arrays as well as server-side processing to receive & perform on their environments.

9. Progressive Web Applications

Applications make up a big part of mobile media time, & web designers are initiate taking notice as well as blending the best of web & app behaviors. Such hybrid creation is termed as a Progressive Web Application. In the year 2018, we will see a trend in improving websites to add elements like animated page transitions, splash screens and push notifications.

So, these were some top trends that you can see in 2018. Samarpan Infotech can help you in all mentioned above also including the responsive web design services.

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