Top IT Trends For Leading Healthcare Solution Providers In India


The major challenges healthcare industry facing today are connecting medical records, riding patient’s expectations and protecting the patient’s data from cyber attacks. Today, the demand for a secure and convenient way of delivering patient care is rapidly increasing.

With the invasion of Technology, the healthcare solution providers in India are working towards the introduction of a new revolution in the healthcare environment which is flexible and remotely accessible.

There are healthcare technologies, which are responsible for the introduction of milestones like healthcare applications, centralized data management and electronic healthcare records (EHRs).The most basic example of the healthcare technology is wearable; which help us to monitor all kinds of healthcare metrics like heart rate, SPO2 levels and many more.

Some Trends You Can Ask to Healthcare Solution Providers:

Here are some inspiring trends that you can ask the best healthcare solution providers in India.

Cloud-Based Solutions:

Cloud is serving the accessibility which organizations are leveraging for better scalability and anywhere-anytime accessibility with a connectivity of a vast band of devices.

The major examples of cloud solutions for healthcare are Physician collaboration solutions (PCS), Health information exchange (HIE), electronic medical records (EMR) which results in remote consultation and care delivery to the patients.

The list of benefits of cloud computing in the healthcare includes smoother management of electronic patient records, streamlined collaboration, effortless data sharing, and high powered analytics.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality has a great impact on the way several industries operate, but its contribution to the healthcare is significant to another level. VR has a transformed the healthcare practices like surgery simulation, skills training, robotic surgery and even the phobia treatment.

VR simulation is proven to be very useful in the medical education and training as it allows students to perform life-saving complex procedures in an environment which is completely risk-free.

Along with simulation, VR is also making its spot as a powerful diagnostic tool. With a balanced combination of the tools like MRI/CT scan VR can be used to deliver a pain-free experience to the patients.

Do you know VR is slowly transforming the method of exposure therapy? Exposure therapy is very useful for the mental illness treatment and VR has the ability to deliver low cost and flexible solution.

HIPAA compliant webforms:

Web forms are replacing the stress of patients and management to store the patient surveys, medical forms, intake packets and the medical history. These web forms are delivering an effortless way to collect patient information and protect the data with an high-level encryption with HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

The automation of the digital form results in less paperwork, better record keeping, and affordable patient intake process.

Wrapping it up!

Healthcare industry has a great scope for expansion and revolution, all we need is a balance between creativity and technology. Healthcare solution providers in India are always available to assist you with all kinds of digital solutions and services. All you have to do is; connect with a team of professional and transform your industry with technology.

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