Know the Top Trends of IoT and Beacon in The Year 2017

IoT and Beacon

Mobile App development companies brought the long way in recent five years. The mobile app development technology is eventual evolving and has increased its concern on the application analytics and development. With so many iOS apps in the market, always competition at peak with iPhone application development companies always forces to get an edge over their competitors. The surprising development that the mobile apps have gone through, it is compulsory for one to keep an update towards new mobile apps, especially for one’s business. As the last year saw the most amazing mobile app developments, this year also we expect something just same as if not more incredible improvement in the industry.

Cloud-driven apps:

The cloud technology has acted a very important role in the past year and these days cloud-driven apps are expected to become more famous, especially due to rise in the number of people using multiple mobile devices and affordable technologies. These apps will let the cloud app developers build apps that could be accessed on many devices without changing the functions, features & the data etc.

Wearable smart technology:

Upcoming versions of Apple iWatch or Apple watches are probably one of the top things considerable to trending on the internet right now. As the time going, only a few days more for Apple to release the product most of us are already thought. Yet most of the information about the wearable technology isn’t known, the device isn’t a standalone device. iPhone App development has always earned great revenues. Thereby, saving many time and effort that would be needed for creating a standalone app. These could be very effective for use in fitness and to keep a productivity track.

Application security:

There are always different reports of hacks and information leaks, several reports suggest that many apps are generated without any basic security measures. Therefore, the present year we will definitely see application developers concerned on the security gaps that were detected in the last years.

Trends of IoT Beacon:

IoT (internet of things):

The internet of things applications are developing more & more by multiple devices connected. With IoT technology, the developers would be inspired on developing apps could focus on user perception on different devices. Customer engagement management platforms (CEMP) which are based on Beacon technology & Wi-Fi will see more of the breakthrough in the present year.

Beacon and location-based Wi-Fi services:

This typical tech is blurring the lines between online as well as offline in the retail business. As Apple has previously integrated Beacon technology in its iOS, the trend is expected to follow present year. The Wi-Fi technology is gone more and more consumed and in this year it would be more than just a tool for internet access. For instance- there is a platform Wi-Fi MX that provides the businesses with a benefit for connecting with their customers by Wi-Fi to access the local relevant services & content.

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