Top 6 Cyber Attacks That Trembled the World in 2017

Top 6 Cyber Attacks in 2017

As all of us has started using internet for almost everything, the concerns related to that has also been increased. The security of the data on the internet is the biggest concern of all. From securing your picture that you have uploaded to your social media to securing the transaction that you did buying from an online website, everything is covered under the security of data.

Now as this level of security is increasing day by day, the cyber attacks on them have also become more brutal. Since past few years, the cyber attacks have increased multiple times from what it used to be a few years back. And to cope up with it, the security level is increasing, are on the other hand, with the same pace, the cyber attacks are also increasing.

The cases of data being stolen from the internet are increasing rapidly. According to govt. officials, this rate is expected to get more than double in the next couple of years. In last few years, the loss due to various types of ransomware attacks is around USD 5 billion. And the govt. has already mentioned increasing the security levels by investing USD 1 trillion in the next four years.

Top 6 Cyber Attacks in 2017

Here we are mentioning about some of the brutal cyber attacks that took place in 2017 and damaged our online security really badly.

Here Are Some of the Brutal Cyber Attacks in 2017

1. Shadow Brokers

Shadow brokers are the group of hackers who were firstly active during August 2016. In 2016, they breached the spy tools of the National Security Agency (NSA). This NSA program was called as Equation Group. But that was just a trailer. They show us their power again in April 2017. This time again the organization was National Security Agency and again NSA failed to secure their tools and data. This time breached tools were auctioned on the dark web.

2. Petya/NotPetya

Another malware that affected the globe in 2017 was NotPetya. This name is given to this malware because of the similarities that it has with another malware that took place in 2016. The name of that 2016 malware was Petya and hence the name NotPetya is given. This is the malware that started spreading in the computer systems of the whole world. This covers the most of the giant corporations like – US-based pharmaceutical company Merck, Danish shipping company Maersk, and Russian oil giant Rosneft. This ransomware attack also entered Ukraine by spreading into the computer systems of public utility organizations like – power companies, airports, public transit, and the central bank of Ukraine. India also got affected by this malware attack. India was the most affected country in the Asia – Pacific region and was the 7th most affected country in the world.

3. WannaCry

This is the cyber attack that took place in 2017 all over the world. It covered all the major countries like – the United Kingdom, the United States of America and many more. This was a ransomware attack where the hackers asked for money for not making their data public. They mainly attacked the public utilities, National Health Service hospitals and large corporations. The origin of this attack is still unknown, but the USA govt. thinks that North Korea is responsible for initiating it and they blamed the North Korean leader Kim Jong for this.

4. Zomato Hack

The name of the attack was given because of the website on which the attack took place. The well known Indian website and app zomato. This attack took place on the zomato last year. The user accounts were got hacked under this attack and then were sold on the dark web. Approximately 17 million user accounts were hacked and sold on the dark web. But, the users were very much lucky as they do not have to face any financial loss. The reason behind no financial loss of the users was actually zomato’s policy to store the user’s payment details on some other location. If zomato was not doing this, then the financial loss must also have occurred to the users and this is definitely going to affect the company’s reputation negatively.

5. The HBO hack

Most of the population of today loves Game of Thrones. Everybody wants to see more and more episodes of it. Most of the public is actually going mad behind the show. And a group of such mad hackers did the HBO hack. HBO, the producers of the Game of Thrones, were got hacked in July 2017. The hackers acquired 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO. And then they released the episodes of the show on the internet that are yet to be aired on television. HBO didn’t realize this until they got to know about the fact that the episode 4 of season 7 of Game of Thrones was available on the internet for the whole world, which was scheduled to be on air next week. The hackers ransom some amount from the HBO so that they will not release more of the episodes. HBO didn’t tell anybody about the amount and also didn’t tell if they had paid the amount or not?

6. Equifax

In July 2017 another attack that took place was the Equifax. The hackers pretended to be Equifax and stole personal data of 145 million users. The Equifax is one of the largest credit bureaus around the globe. It was considered to be the worst attack of 2017 because it has included the stealing of information from so many users. The information that got stolen was like credit card numbers, birthday details, social security numbers and other such private things. I don’t think I need to explain how important and private this type data is and it being stolen is such a worse case. Just imagine if the hackers used this information of 145 million users than we just can’t imagine what a huge financial loss it is going to be. It took 2 months for the Equifax to reveal that breach had taken place.


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