What is the Future of MapReduce in the industry?

Future of Hadoop MapReduce

By having the emergence of DAG execution engines such as Spark which is increasingly gaining popularity, one of the most general questions our customer want answers for is, “What would be the future and scope of MapReduce as Hadoop’s execution engine?” a lot of mainstream production apps are making use of MapReduce as their foundation, & companies have done huge investments in building up Reducers, Mappers, custom readers, and further MapReduce components. Therefore, they are presently very much concerned to think they necessitate re-inventing the wheel while trying not to miss the boat on the promise of Big Data processing through Spark.

Keep Calm! Hadoop is here doing a great job!

Whenever our valuable clients convey concern regarding Hadoop’s longevity and scope, we guarantee them that you are not needed to worry about it. Their major investment is in building up as well as maintaining the cluster of Hadoop, which will actually not be out of date anytime.

The Future of Hadoop MapReduce

Recently popular execution engines (one of which is Spark), visualization tools and interpreters are actually not meant to restore the core of Hadoop. In reality, they are designed to work extra efficiently with HDFS. With a lot of open source projects, support from giant companies and strong community, Hadoop has numeral year’s existence in the marketplace.
In conclusion, we can say that MapReduce is awesome. It has potentially served us for a decade and you can have its better advantage in the near future as well.

How Can Samarpan Infotech Help?

For better and most desirable development for your business, Samarpan Infotech makes use of highly demanding and efficient technologies in a very effective manner. We appreciate the current trend of Hadoop and provide expert assistance in same. We are a pioneer in all the latest technologies, to have further details contact us now.

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