General Myths and Misconceptions Associated with Big Data solutions

Big Data Solutions

It is a new thing:

It may not be denied that Big Data is a hot topic in recent. But there are businesses still facing problem to shift from concept to execution. Let’s put it this way, that as a business owner your problems are still no changed. What has changed is the solution to your problem, only because this kind of data provides answers to your business questions in a better and faster way along with the potential to provide invaluable business insight. The fact of the matter is there is an also old discovery.

Enterprises and businesses have been working with a vast amount of data for 10 years and more. The only latest thing which permits us to make sense of this information is analytics. The main aim of analytics is the exploration or application of analytic techniques to wide amounts of data in a variety of kinds including unstructured data which comprises of text strings, sound and movie files, documents, images, geolocation data, and documents.

It is solitary about massive information:

Quantitative analysis plays a vital role for each organization where terabytes of data come from customer transactions, social media, business statistics, and photo uploads. However, the definition of this kind of vast data sets stretches beyond petabytes of volume. Volume being the first element, the other two essential elements may be variety and velocity of information. A variety of data refers to the number of kinds of information and file types which may be more thoroughly managed or analyzed and velocity means how fast the data may be retrieved in real time. Traditional technologies and relational databases are not well-suited for this type of information and that’s how the Big Data comes in picture.

It only means Hadoop:

Hadoop has become synonymous along with Big Data. Hadoop is an Apache open-source software framework written in Java programming language that makes able working with vast amounts of data sets. It is designed to scale up from one server to thousands of machines. Big Data does not equal Hadoop in a sense that lots of the information for this kind of data comes from sources such as events, feeds, social media etc. in form of challenges which are met through a technology or product like Hadoop.

It only means unstructured data:

Unstructured information has no distinct form. It’s not unstructured because we may not fit the data into a model but even after fitting it into the model will not support. Unstructured data is a generic label to detail any information that is not in the database. It may be textual or un-textual involving these audio and video files, image files, email messages, form data, text-strings, social media feed, and much more.

Questions CEOs must be asking of their sales leaders there four essential questions:
  1. What data do your salespeople have access to help predictive analysis?
  2. Is it contained in a centralized location or are they spending hours trolling the several websites and social media sites to get the needle in the haystack?
  3. How many hours are they spending reviewing information?
  4. How always are they pursuing the wrong customers that don’t end up purchasing as you have entered the buying cycle far too early or too late?

The answers to those questions would decide if you require evaluating services from Big Data solutions provider for your company. With any new revolution, there are several companies jumping on the bandwagon advertising they give Big Data services. Look examinable at those that have their feet well entrenched in the market and a proving their worth clients now. There are lots of quality vendors in the market like as Samarpan Infotech who are a best big data solution providers and specialize in sales and marketing needs.

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