5 Things Salesforce Developers should have in their mind

Tips for Salesforce Development

Nowadays, there is a huge bunch of questions on the internet by the developers who are into Salesforce. Now we really wanted to help each of them by answering their questions, but it is nearly impossible to answer all of them. So we thought why not to guide such developers by giving some tips that will help them solve their problem by themselves. So let’s get started…

1. Practicing your metadata

Practicing your metadata in the beginning and throughout the development is very important. Most of the developers practice their metadata in the end phases of development, which do not help in giving the idea about how much time the development will take to get complete and also do not help in giving the idea about how much resources you need to get it done. If you practice your metadata in the early stages or may be in the earliest stage than it is going to help you solve the questions regarding time, resources, and manpower.

2. Refer to existing platform

While doing development, always refer to the platform that is already in existence. Referring it will make you develop the product that is easy to integrate with the already existing Salesforce platform. Your product should be scalable, integrating, stable and low on maintenance cost. If you develop a product like so, it will become easy for other to understand it, and they can easily relate it to the existing patterns.

3. Testing for bugs

Testing is another important phase that needs to be done for each component. When you develop a component, get it tested. Testing each component separately will help us in finding any bugs easily and if we find some, will also help us in resolving it. Then join some components and test again. Testing on all the stages will make your work really simple, easy and smooth. Doing so, your final product has already been tested on many grounds before launching and guarantees a happy client.

4. Go for Salesforce Chatter

Emailing all the updates to everyone is a complicated job these days and can get messed up very easily. So switching to Salesforce chatter is a really good option. Here all the developer can update other, can discuss their concerns and can solve problems together. This is a way more smooth going transition than emails.

5. What’s in it for me?

This is the question you have an answer for each and every end user. Whenever you propose some changes, there are some questions that are sure to get arise, Why to change? Is it needed? What is the problem with the existing one? And the most frequent one, What’s in it for me? Now it’s your duty to be calm and answer each and every question with patience. When all of the questions get satisfying answers than only your end users feel like you are just not telling them what to do but also relating to them. After getting their answers, it becomes easy for them to understand the newer versions of Salesforce and will help in your business.

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