Here are the 5 Old Android Features that are still used today

Old Android Features

When the first Android version Alpha 1.0 launched in 2008, it was not ready for public use. The Cupcake, Android 1.5 was the first commercial version. It was containing various features and some of those old features are still utilized by the latest version. These features can be implemented by you as well when taking android app development services.

Here we are talking about some features:

  1. Virtual keyboard: It can be trivial though for you, but before the year 2009, you could just make use of Android on mobiles that contain ad a built-in physical keyboard. These were the devices like the Motorola Cliq, LG-GW620, and HTC Dream that continued gaining success with later releases like the Desire from HTC, Milestone from Motorola, & Cookie from LG.

    At the present time, it’s completely normal to frantically and quickly type away on your smartphone’s generous-sized screens, but can you envisage attempting to type on the 3.2-inch device screen?

    The time when, when virtual keyboard support was released, manufacturers ultimately had the freedom to create the displays on their gadgets even further. Thus they made them larger, with better definition & much more defined touch technology.

  2. App drawer: The app drawer is one of the most distinctive features of the Android. Since iOS is the main competitor of Android, still puts all its applications unswervingly on the home page. Through the App drawer, the home page is left for widgets and those apps that you use most. It’s perfect for organizing and leaving everything tidy.

    App drawers are especially handy nowadays when internal storage is gradually growing in phones, and thus we can fill up our devices full of applications, despite those that come in stock on the gadget and cannot be uninstalled for sure.

    You could simply have hundred or more apps, & when this happens, this is certain that something will get missing. Thus, having app drawer that is separate from the home page is really very and lets you arrange your applications exactly the way you want.

  3. Widget: It didn’t invent with the Android, but widget was a system of Google that popularized them. They got so helpful that even Apple attempted to jump on the board & employ them into the hottest versions of their iOS. Widgets are actually components that simplify access to the other programs.

    The clock which you can see in many modified Android user interfaces is a widget. Removable search bar of Google is also a widget. In case you are a more hardcore Android user, you can have widgets for the battery, settings icons, system information, and favorite pages on the web browsers.

    Even people who utilize launchers, such as Nova, adopt this feature. This can save you many unnecessary clicks if you desire to check something out or use the features. You can make your homepage liberated from them, but a lot of users have recognized that they would rather not live in absence of them.

  4. Bluetooth stereo: In the world where inventors are taking out the audio jacks from their devices, wireless connections are getting very much important. It is the feature that launched on Cupcake, and thus it took time to develop as well as work all the bugs out.

    Thus, even in the absence of notorious P2 jack, best quality music lovers can enjoy their Smartphone through wireless Hi-Fi headphones. You can have even some little Bluetooth speakers which generate incredible sound.

    This is not the feature that you will perceive on the display, but this is something which makes all the difference at the present time, and it’s shaping Smartphone technology to become much more wireless.

  5. Auto-rotating screen: Another thing that might seem simple, but actually isn’t an automatic rotating screen. On many phones that were trendy before Android burst on the view, you could not rotate the screen. This was truly inconvenient.

    In the present era, you can convert your device, whether it’s a tablet or Smartphone, into a hand-held computer simply by putting that on a table or connecting it to a keyboard as well as working with the horizontal display.

So, these were some of the old but gold features that are taken for use in much android development.

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