Some Useful Changes that is being Involved in PhoneGap 7.0.1

PhoneGap 7.0.1

PhoneGap has added a new version and i.e. CLI-7.0.1. Apart from the performance improvements and security updates, this update includes some useful changes after the scenes in their infrastructure of development. As such, the company is releasing it with a beta tag. PhoneGap app development and cross platform app development is something very much trendy nowadays. Here we will discuss more about this latest version PhoneGap 7.0.1.

As any problems or question with the new configuration is exposed, they will be added to the “Discoveries on the Fly” section.

Here is the version breakdown of PhoneGap 7.0.1:

  • Cordova Windows 5.0.0
  • Cordova iOS 4.4.0
  • Cordova Android 6.2.3

Update: Push plug-in & cli-7.0.1 (iOS 4.4.0) were feeble on PGB due to CB-13112. The company noted a work about that in fact also did not work. On the other hand, they have now patched PGB’s iOS 4.4.0 with the mess to CB-13112.

Changes to the PhoneGap Development

With the new version of PhoneGap, PGB is handing much of the huge lifting to Cordova, & this might change how your app behaves. Here is an analysis of the big handoffs:

  • Icon & splash authority is now handed off to Cordova. This should be smooth, but check that all your icons & splashes are working after upgrading
  • Manifest templates now come from Cordova, kind of our own Confetti templating apparatus, which could cause powerful changes in how your app behaves. A fast way to check what changes have appeared is to unpack your app & compare the manifests from before & after your renovate. Your manifests are Info.plist on iOS, package.appmanifest on Windows and AndroidManifest.xml on Android.
  • Default config.xml preferences will now also come against the Cordova templates rather than PGB’s internal defaults. Similar to the changes to manifests, you can unpack your apps to see what preferences are being started for you & whether you obtain to change them from the default.

Why is this needed?

PhoneGap Build (that is PGB) was constructed when PhoneGap & the Cordova project were very latent, and as such PGB invented multiple features to add performance, plug missing features as well as preferences, or patch PhoneGap/Cordova quirks. Although over the years the project has developed, they have clarified these problems, and honestly possibly better than the PGB. We want to get success in all the hard work set by the Cordova team.

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