Anniversary Celebration of Samarpan Infotech: Letter from CEO

Anniversary Celebration

Today is Samarpan Infotech’s Anniversary. From the start-up to the scale-up it always calls for the celebration. It also calls for onward thinking because, without any complaints, our greatest effort lies ahead of us.

It is been a beautiful journey so far, & I am so grateful to be a part of it. It is rare to be able to touch so many citizens’ lives, & I try to encourage myself to make every day successful & have the biggest impact I can.

This journey began with some guys sitting around in a basement. We knew only 2 things: we desired to be a company & we desired to be worldwide. In the starting, we have faced many problems like financial and others same as the startups have to face on this level. Gradually, we have faced them but we never gave up and made ourselves keep working hard. This is our hard work that made our company a trustworthy place ever.

My vision was to develop a company & environment where people loved coming to work daily & where they can be passionate about what they are doing. My aim was to provide services that based on quality rather than quantity & took great care of our clients & candidates. Talent Acquisition & Human Resources are both vital parts of any business & my goal remains to help people understand the types of talent & resources acquired to help their businesses increase to its full potential.

I am very thankful to have my team & I am so grateful that we operate as a unit. What makes a team so special are the various concepts & ways of thinking brought together. We challenge each other & are regularly thinking of ways to organize our processes for clients & strategize our thinking. I love what I do and I love working with my team & my clients every single day!

Announcing Next Milestones

Looking forward to future prospects, I believe in seeing many big experiences, more expansion, growth & excitement. The next milestone that we want to raise is bestowing the users with an amazing user experience. We will definitely be entering into, & adopting new technologies, markets, & products/services. We also have been successful in riding the technology wave that has been thrown at us over the last few times, & I totally trust on our team that it will continue to perform the same. Another than working hard, we must also promise to each other that we will move on our trait of providing the customers maximum value & quality commitment. No doubt we will be facing challenges again, but I equally believe in the factor that our compelling crew will meet it again successfully.

Let’s create a team together.

Wishing a Happy Anniversary to “Samarpan Infotechand many more successful years ahead!

Now it’s time for celebration:

So, here we are celebrating our anniversary on 26th Aug 2017 with our entire team of app development, software development, online marketing, management and our clients.

Here are some beautiful moments of grand celebration:

Here is the whole album >>

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