An Introduction to Android 8.0 Oreo

Android Oreo

After a lot of rumors about what sweet treat would be announced for “O,” the OREO and the Google team revealed the Android OREO name and also the Android OREO superhero – a novel character that represents the powers of this iconic duo as well as the features of the new OS.

With the assistance of Oreo, the professional developers at Android have put their focus on making Android very much powerful & effortless to use.

As Android updates are getting much viral, here is the fourth preview of Android O.

Here are Some New Features of Android Oreo

  • Picture-in-picture: This enables the users to manage two tasks at the same time on any screen of the screen.
  • Autofill framework: it makes easier the way users set up a new device as well as sync their passwords. The auto fill will completely roll out over the upcoming few weeks as a constituent of a Google Play Services Update.

    Moreover, android 8.0 Oreo is also invested in Android vitals that project spot lighted on the enhancement of battery life as well as this kind of other system functionalities.

  • Notification dots: This actually works to extend the reach of notifications as well as offer a novel approach to surface activity in your applications.
  • IDE profilers and Complementary Android Vitals dashboards: Inside the Play Console, presently you can perceive aggregate data of your app to assist you to identify common issues such as slow rendering or frozen screens.
  • System optimizations: this feature is added to help apps run smoother and quicker.
  • Background limits: New limits on wi-fi scans and background location, as well as changes in the manner applications, run in the background.

    If we talk about the developers, this latest version has improved capabilities to assist them to develop in an amazing way.

  • Fonts in XML: now, you are capable to use fonts in XML layouts as well as define families of the font in XML.
  • Autosizing text view: Developers can make use of auto sizing TextView to robotically fill a TextView with text, irrespective of the amount.
  • Downloadable emoji and fonts: through the downloadable fonts introduced specially for developers, you can load fonts through a shared provider rather than incorporating them in your APK.
  • Shortcut pinning: this is one another latest feature through which developer can let the users add as well as pin widgets and shortcuts to the launcher from inside your application.
  • Adaptive icons: With the help of Android Oreo, you can create adaptive icons which the system displays in diverse shapes, depending on a mask chosen by a device maker.
  • Wide-gamut¬†colour for applications: At present, imaging applications can take complete benefit of new gadgets that have a wide-gamut colour competent display.
  • Runtime optimizations and Java 8 Language APIs: Now with this update, Android supports various latest Java Language APIs, which also incorporates the new java.time API.
  • WebView enhancements: the android has now made WebView multi process mode enable by default as well as added an API to allow your application handle crashes and errors.

So, this is all that is latest and interesting in Android 8.0 Oreo that everybody wanted to know. You can also check out the video for new features in Android Oreo.

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