Google Announcement: Mobile First Indexing Rolling Out

Mobile-first Indexing Rollout

As per the expectations, the search engine giant Google has finally made its very first official announcement about the rollout of mobile first indexing. In their official blog, Google stated that they have started migrating the websites to the mobile first indexing that have good practices.

In their blog post, Google also mentioned that until now their ranking, indexing, and the crawling system has always used the typical desktop version of a page’s content, which has been an issue for the mobile searches from a very long time. As the desktop version and the mobile versions are completely different and this being the issue for the mobile searchers from like always.

As we all know by now that the most of the searchers these days are the mobile searchers and that’s why it is highly required to help them with what they are in need off.

Let’s Understand What is Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile first indexing means using the mobile version of web pages for ranking and indexing. This will surely be going to help the mobile searchers a lot in finding the optimized content that fits in their screens properly. Even if a website does not have the mobile-friendly version, then also Google will crawl and index the site.

The Google officially also mentioned that they still have that one single index only, that they have been using to serve the search results from past. They said – “We don’t have a mobile-first index that is separate from the main index”. This basically means that until now, the desktop version has been indexed but with the increasing number of mobile searchers and with the increase in their requirements and necessity, from now onwards Google will use the mobile version for indexing, whenever available.

Google is Notifying Site Owners

Google is now notifying the website owners about their website being migrated to the mobile first indexing through the Google Search Console. Other than this, the website owners are also expected to see a significant amount of increase in the crawl rates.

Google Search Console Notification

From now onwards, the Google will be showing the mobile version of pages in its search results and in Google cached pages as well.

Websites that have responsive web designing or that provide dynamic services are the best case for the mobile first indexing. As per the Google blog, if a website has both AMP and non-AMP form of content, then Google will prefer indexing the mobile versions of a non-AMP page.

Rankings Will Not Be Affected

Another very important issue that the Google’s official blog addressed was about the rankings. They clearly mentioned that this migration is only going to affect the way in which the Google gather or collects the content for its Google index and it has nothing to do with the rankings of a website. This simply means that even if a website has been migrated to the mobile first indexing, it will not have any ranking advantages to it from the other websites that have not been migrated to the mobile first index yet.

If you need any assistance regarding how you can be prepared and how to easily survive the switch, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts.

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