The Upcoming Trends of Machine Learning and AI in 2018

Machine Learning and AI Trends 2018

Companies nowadays broadly fall into 2 categories: one that is developing some kind of ML or AI technology and second that is utilizing these high-class technologies in their apps & services. There is a great amount of innovation taking place in the building block services (also called as, middle-ware services) which comprise data preparation services as well as learning services or else the models-as-a-service providers. Let’s here have a look at what are the opportunities that can be provided by Artificial Intelligence and ML in 2018.

Financial sector

It’s renowned that AI and ML are great when talking about the Big Data, analysis & routine tasks which can be carried out by the machine. Artificial Intelligence minimizes the possibilities of the error & are able to create predictions depending on the previous data – & such predictive models are utilized in predictive analytics at the time when one desires to prevent fraud or something similar. Apart from this, predictive analytics may assist the companies to reduce their risks in the future, do an estimation of development and many more. At present, this is something any corporation should be interested in for the reason that it is:

  • Pretty much efficient in comparison with analytics by people
  • Money-saving
  • More precise and is able to create large complex reports from the Big Data

Of course, some procedures will still be carried out by people – but, the application of artificial intelligence will make financial industry more efficient and stable.

Better experience and personal assistants for the customers

All of us know Cortana or Siri and now it is the time to get much more personal assistants in our daily life. The most simple of them is an instance of chatbots that are getting more intricate & intelligent. Because of data analysis, the system will be competent to learn all about customer behavior as well as its patterns, it will additionally learn personal preferences and, depending on all this data, the supporter will be able to provide the better service.

These assistants are appropriate for marketing professionals because they will allow developing a stronger connection between the product & the user and will offer valuable information which can be utilized to create more effective marketing campaigns.

Healthcare sector

It is one of the greatest and very crucial industries of the globe so no wonder it’s the one which is greatly using the most recent technologies – since it’s the matter of life & death. Firstly, due to AI & work with Big Data, a professional scientist will soon get the chance to prevent definite diseases, such as cancer. It can be done via analysing the history of the patient and all their records thus artificial intelligence will be able to comprehend the mechanism of disease, hence facilitating doctors to be proactive rather than reacting. Secondly, you can have more and more clever prostheses popping up and this moreover offers so many opportunities for both patients and doctors. These prostheses are competent to distinguish light, images, pressure, etc. & are already an amazing breakthrough.

In the last, we should talk about the AI & robots – jointly it makes robot assistants. It can come in various forms – virtual nurses in the Smartphone which are competent to identify warning signs & call for help or real robots which can monitor patients, send notifications and alarm doctors in case there is such requirement.

The Robotics

As discussed above, we will surely see a great use of robots in 2018 & not just in the field of medicine. Smart drones, robots in creating facilities – robotization is focused on making people’s life easier so it’s one of the most modern trends which we can look forward in the near future. Since is a thought such robots may swap out people at work, there will all the time be operators & people who construct such robots, so you are not needed to panic – but might be a nice idea to begin learning about robotization, particularly if you work in the IT industry.

Overall, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning is a wonderful opportunity for scientists all around the globe to make the healthcare system extra efficient for the patients and the medical workers. As the probability of machine making a mistake is very less than a person making a mistake, the status of medicine will actually shift to a very new level.

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