A Deep Thought on Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-Platform App Development

A number of Mobile apps development has grown-up exponentially since Apple launched its platform in 2008. However, the incredible progress of the Android platform in the last one year, has put developers in a dilemma – Should a company develop an app for iPhone first or Android first?

Let’s Get Into Deep

The various mobile platforms include iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile. With the endless technological invention, developers face a daily challenge to develop apps for various platforms. Gone are the days when companies were able to select either iPhone or Android platform for building their apps.

There are many Smart mobile devices available in the marketplace, and it takes a lot of effort to write applications for every device. The variety of these devices poses a challenge for businesses wanting to make custom mobile applications. Every competing device type needs a different set of tools and programming skills. Each supported platform will multiply the price of developing custom mobile applications.

With several mobile platforms, each with a different UI, many people are observing at Cross-platform apps that run on more than one platform. if we could write once and run anywhere then It would be so much better as well as easier. Cross-platform application development is the best answer to all the woes of developers.

It offers an outstanding alternative to ignoring one mobile OS in favour of another or, developing various versions of apps for 2-3 platforms. Earlier, it was not possible for developers, to keep separate code-bases for each version of apps. However, advances in HTML5 have made it assured that a single code-base can run on all major mobile platforms. Today, developers can use HTML5 to build cross-platform mobile applications.

Now you can make apps with the support of some development tools.

Here are some listed below:

  • WidgetPad
  • RhoMobile
  • Appcelerator
  • MoSync
  • PhoneGap

The above tools permit you to write a mobile app one time and then arrange it to a range of mobile devices. These tools are great resources for companies looking for to reach a wide audience.

Developing an app for the iPhone and one for Android took double the cost & time of developing a single app for either platform when Cross platform mobile app development tools were not available. All the code had to be rewritten because the two platforms use totally dissimilar SDKs and dissimilar programming languages.

Cross platform app development companies like Samarpan Infotech have the broad understanding of all Cross-platform development tools. Our solutions vary from simple to difficult at consistent quality levels. Our developers will make applications with a professional and dynamic look.

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