Let’s Know the Important Advancements of Google I/O Discussed in the Event

Google I/O 2017

The Google I/O developer conference has taken place between May 17 and 19 at the shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.  Google has published the event details on I/O webpage. Where there was a three-day event which has two-hour opening ceremony held on 17 may, it had many presentations and had some discussions on regular trending topics like Google’s smart assistant, firebase, design, internet of things(IoT), VR, gaming, AMP, machine learning and much more. Keep reading to find out more about the event:

Here are Some of the Updates Discussed in Google I/O 2017

  • Google Lens: Google has announced a new smart technology that uses your phone’s camera known as Google Lens. The CEO Sundar Pichai said that this technology is a set of vision-dependent computing competencies that can amazingly understand what you are actually looking at.

    For instance, you can set your mobile at restaurants, & by making use of location data, the Google Lens will offer you with the information such as reviews, in accordance with what your device is looking at.

  • Google Assistant: It has more advanced features and iOS availability Google Assistant, essentially a smarter, Google version has more updated contextually-aware now, this will be launched at I/O last year, it has the ability to ask the questions familiarly with OK Google command, and it will follow up the initial answer after receiving. The event will be organized to understand and know more about some topics, with the help of intelligent assistant we control all kind of devices (like control your TV or car), and of course, it has improvement in voice recognition and has the desire for Google Assistant to discuss more conversational. Now Google Assistant is coming in many more devices and systems like iPhone.
  • Google Home: They confirmed that the smart speaker of Google Home would be launching in Australia, Canada, France, Japan, and Germany this summer.

    Handsfree calling will be available on the Google Home that will provide free calls everywhere in Canada and US. There is an awesome feature of multi-user support that enables the device to work as we say. For example, asking “call mom” will surely call to that particular person, keeping in the knowledge of who’s asking.

    Bluetooth support will also be provided in the Google Home, efficiently putting it into Bluetooth speaker for iOS & other devices.

  • Google Photos: This is the new ways to share pictures now in the present situation Google has already approx 500 million active users who where upload there 1.2billion pictures and video per day. There have some new Google features has been launched, now it’s up to you that these features will either convenient or creepy harmful, it’s depending on your perspective.
  • Photo Books: There will be some advanced features that available in the coming days, Google will suggest photos in customs, and they have printed photo book but that can be ordered.
  • YouTube 360 Degree Video: The CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, told that major attendees which viewers watched one billion hours of stuff on the video platform in the year 2016.

    YouTube 360-degree video is getting ready to come in the YouTube’s TV app, incorporating live 360 videos. By making use of the TV remote, you can pan efficiently around the video.

  • Android O Developer preview2: Get a look at android O new version which makes android more useful after focused on fluid experiences, and efforts of optimizing the battery life, android start-up time, graphic rendering time, and stability. Early adopters can opt into the Android O-beta program at android.com/beta and run Android O now.
  • Google AI: Google AI has been launched to push towards the world of artificial intelligence. Mr. Pachai said that in the world of AI, we are actually rethinking all of our products. The company is making use of deep learning, machine learning and computer vision in all of their products. Whether it is search, medical imaging, data centres, Google Assistant, Cloud or Google home, all are included.
  • Kotlin: Kotlin is a brilliantly designed, Kotlin programming language officially supporting android, designed mature, production-ready language always that will make Android development faster and more interesting.
  • Android GO: This is getting improved android to run fast and smoothly on devices, from the starting of O release. We designing less memory occupied Google apps, more storage space, mobile data, such apps YouTube Go, chrome is including.
  • VR: One of the greatest announcements that have Google done is to develop an individual daydream Virtual Reality headset.

    This develops in the previous year’s daydream platform. But, take away the requirement of you to dock a phone into the headset. Apart from that, the head mounted display will consist all of the required features, also incorporating a processor and display.

So, these were some of the main terms discussed in the Google I/O event 2017, rest will be discussed in part 2 which is coming soon.

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