Let’s Know the Impact of Google AMP in SEO

Google AMP

AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are presently the standard for rapidly loading mobile pages & how every website should be developed from the mobile perspective. Accelerated mobile pages load much quicker than your standard mobile page although maintain the functionality.

This is mainly an HTML page which has been developed to be pre rendered as well as designed solely for quick loading.

The Project of AMP has a tonne of details on AMPs together with the latest information and support available to read & get familiar with.

Why should everybody have a concern on the AMP?

Are you contented with how quick your website loads on your mobile phone? As somebody who expends time in Googling the lot under the sun at some point in my daily commutes, slow cell phone pages kill my soul.

Moreover, this doesn’t help out that my speed of internet on my phone is not always quick. Thus, when both of these take place at once, it spoils my user experience, as a result, I move on the next thing rather than wasting my time staring holes into my cell phone.

I am not a single person who feels like this.

Mobile readiness and page speed are several of Google’s ranking features that find out your site’s position on the search result. The more mobile-friendly and faster, the more probably you will see a boost in organic traffic.

Google AMP is the latest solution for the problem through standardizing the web pages. Below we have discussed how you take benefit of this most recent Google update and utilize it to increase your SEO game altogether:

Fast loading pages

AMP assists you to provide fast loading pages to your website users through caching, optimized code, and CDN (Google’s Content Delivery Network). Quick loading pages will surely raise your conversion rate as well as give your rankings a tiny boost.

More interest in Google’s SERP

Google encourages AMP websites in its SERPs. For news websites which make use of AMP Google may demonstrate a news carousel. For general pages, Google may show the accelerated mobile pages lightning bolt in the result. Therefore, besides a superior mobile experience, the AMP also provides extra attention in SERP of Google.

Preparation for the mobile-first index

Google has announced to shift to the mobile-first index. It is expected to happen somewhere in the year 2018. This implies that your desktop site would not be leading any longer in finding out your rankings. Instead of that, your phone website will capture this role. Adopting Google AMP can assist you in preparing for this.

It Can Provide Assistance to Your Mobile Keyword Ranking

With Google AMP, which is designed especially for mobile phone users, you will most likely to see a boost in your mobile keywords results once optimizing for it.

That means you can anticipate a small increase in organic mobile traffic, & while this is not guaranteed, it gets for an outstanding reason to jump on board the Accelerated Mobile Pages bandwagon.

It Can Reduce Bounce Rates and Increase Engagement

After making people click on your website, the next obstacle is making them stay. By AMP loading much quicker, users can connect with the content rapidly and there are fewer chances to bounce.

As per the founded results from various publishers, it is discovered that one site witness bounce rates decrement from 76% to 63% in a month once implementing the AMP.

The research also found that business websites that saw a decline in bounce rates also witness time on site improvement too.
So, using AMP in your SEO strategy can be very helpful. We at Samarpan Infotech utilize such kind of advanced techniques for the betterment of your business website.

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