Knowing Features & Implementation of Windows Azure Application Development

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is presently amazingly known as Windows Azure application development, the cloud computing platform which is developed by Microsoft for creating, managing as well as deploying the apps and the services by the network of Microsoft data centres. It provides IaaS & PaaS services and supports different programming languages, tools, and frameworks, including the third-party & Microsoft-specific software & systems.

Its Characteristics

Azure is the cloud application platform of Microsoft. 4 years ago, Azure came up with the mentioned below features:

  • The websites enable the developers to develop the sites by making use of PHP, Python, ASP.NET, or Node.js, & can be distributed through Git, Mercurial Server or FTP.
  • The virtual machines enable the professional developers to travel through the infrastructure devoid of changing the code and hence can run the Linux machines & the Windows Server. Cloud services moreover support the multi-tier scenarios and automated deployments.

Media Services

Paas can be utilized for encoding, content protection, and analytics or streaming. The Microsoft Azure application development offers an API developed on the HTTP, XML, and REST which allows the developer to bond with the services that are offered by Azure. Furthermore, it integrates with Git, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Eclipse. It also offers the managed library class that epitomizes the functions of associating with the services.

Data Management

The SQL Database that was previously famous as the SQL Azure Database works to extend and scale applications in the cloud through SQL server technology.

  • Document DB: It is actually a NoSQL service globally distributed and highly available applications. It gets benefits of SQL and JavaScript on the document.
  • Table Storage: It is a store of NoSQL key value for the rapid development through the gigantic semi-structured database.
  • Redis cache: Azure Redis Cache is actually based on the well-known open-source Redis cache. This provides you access to a dedicated and secure Redis cache, managed by Microsoft & accessible through any application in Azure.

Intelligence + Analytics

  • HDinsight: It is the fully-managed cloud Hadoop offering which grants optimised clusters open source analytic for Spark, HBase, Storm, MapReduce, Hive, Kafka and R Server backed through a 99.9 percent SLA. All of these big data technologies, as well as ISV applications are effortlessly deployable as managed clusters through enterprise-level monitoring and security.
  • Machine learning: It is a fully managed cloud service that enables you to easily build, deploy as well as share foretelling analytics solutions.
  • Dynamic 365: It is an amazing solution to transform your customer data into the great intelligent insights.

Internet of Things

  • IOT Hubs: This enables you to connect, monitor as well as manage billions of Internet of Things assets.
  • Event Hubs: This provides cloud-scale telemetry ingestion from applications, websites and any sort of streams of data.
  • Stream Analytics: Stream analytics is a real-time stream processing on the cloud, which performs real-time analytics for the IOT solutions.
  • Notification Hubs: This helps you send push notifications to any sort of platform through any back end.

Monitoring and management:

  • Automation: This simplifies cloud management through process automation. With this, it saves time and money, improves reliability and efficiency and provides a lot more benefits.
  • Scheduler: It runs your tasks on complex or simple recurring schedules.
  • Traffic manager: This route the incoming traffics in order to get high performance and availability.
Other Services


It provides assistance in website hosting. The customers develop the sites in PHP, ASP.NET, Python or Node.js & you can also choose from different open source applications accessible in the gallery with the aim to deploy. This includes an aspect of “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) assistance for the Azure.

Cloud Services

The services of cloud computing are actually the containers of hosted applications. These applications are generally public web applications, such as websites or e-commerce solutions. Professional developers write code, mostly for the cloud services in various programming languages. They can moreover be utilized in the private processing engines for various other works, such as processing orders or analysing the data. However, some software development kits are introduced by Microsoft for Java, .NET, and Python. The various other languages support by the open source projects.

App service

Develop mobile as well as web applications for any kind of device and any sort of platform.

Virtual Machines

The virtual machines of Azure consist of Infrastructure as a service offering from Microsoft to the public cloud. These machines previously supported by the Windows Server and distributors of Linux. The clients can also build the Virtual Machines, which they have, control with the aim to run the Data Centres.


Window Azure application development uses the expert operating system called as Microsoft Azure with the aim to run “fabric layer” that is hosted at data centres of Microsoft, which manages the computing resources and storage of the computers & the provisions of the resources to the application working on the Azure. Reliability, as well as Scaling, is controlled through the Azure Fabric Controller. The Microsoft’s Azure is illustrated as the “cloud layer” on the Server Systems which utilize Windows Server 2008 and moreover the customized version of Hyper-V, widely known as the Azure Hypervisor with the aim to provide virtualization of the services. Thus, the environment & the services don’t collide if the server crashes within the data centre and provides the management of the web application of users, such as the memory resources and the load balancing.

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