IoT can drive the Industry of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation by IoT

IoT is serving the industry in a very amazing manner, in a full swing, as the digital transformation of industry operations & consumers engagement models assures to bring about drastic business improvements, new potential customers & extra revenue streams.

And innovations in technology continue to remain the conversation active, as hardware miniaturization, falling hardware prices, reduced power consumption, and ever-present wireless connectivity proliferates & power practically all new products.

The innovative business models and the confluence of new technologies fuel the development of the Industrial IoT. There are a lot of compelling arguments—both technology-induced and business-oriented —that the Industrial IoT will, indeed, cause a radical transformation in almost every business zone.

A Deep Thought on IoT transformation

The Industrial IoT delivers gradually more transformative value in a lot of ways. It is handy in viewing IoT-centric transformations together with the following 4 stages. These dimensions or stages are, by & large, sequential and grant increasingly bigger value:

Engage- The pinnacle of Internet of Things-centric product tactic: connected products together with advanced decision-making procedures transform conventional business models & engage customers through innovative, user-centric, fine-tuned, and outcome-based service contributions.

Automate- it provides embedded control software & device connectivity to automate decision-making & operational tasks.

Enhance- Simulation tools, big data analytics, and similar decision-support help in optimising all the aspects of the product lifecycle through mining the enterprise data. Unlike the above mentioned two stages of IoT transformation that are tactically reactive and predominantly retrospective, the breadth and depth of big data are exploited to perk up the fidelity of lasting predictive decisions in product design as well as operations.

Accelerate- Internet of Things as a means to cut down the latency of information. The remote access, enhanced by decision-support systems and data analytics, improves the response time of organizations. The huge majority of IoT application development implementations presently are focused deliberately on speeding up the response times & only to a slighter degree on optimising resource allocation.

SAP survey shows digital/IoT transformation connection

As per an Executive Study of SAP Digital Transformation, companies leading toward the digital transformation are considerably more prone to have invested in Internet of Things technologies than have further companies, around 76% to 52%. Moreover, at SAP’s SAP Leonardo Live conference in Germany, Frankfurt, earlier this month, and the company pitched Internet of thing solutions to speed innovation in manifold industries, launching new IoT products intended for digital transformation. Likewise, at Cisco Live last month in Las Vegas, Internet of Things for digital transformation was also on the menu.

In the intervening time, in Thailand, Bangkok, the IoT Business Platform (AIBP) conference concentrated on “Understanding IoT requirements of Business in Thailand,” emphasizing “insights and key problems relevant with adopting IoT Thai enterprises digital transformation.”

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