From Fiction to Reality, how IoT Beacon Technology Came

Internet of Things

Technology is benefiting at a rapid pace, gradually turning every science fiction into true. Beacon technology is one of those technological benefits, which was once a figment of the hypothesis of many researchers. Let’s have a view at how beacon technology is evolved and changed our business world.

What is meant by Beacon?

A Beacon is a tiny, external-powered, wireless, low-cost sensor with a built-in Bluetooth chip device which works on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It permits Bluetooth enabled devices to receive data within the short distances.

Beacon machine is designed in such a way that it is reliable to fix anywhere and can be efficiently used by everybody. It continue to broadcasts a radio signal, and when a device receives this signal it reads  only the ID of beacon and triggers the action in the Smartphone app based on the unreality  of the beacon. What makes a beacon technology different is its capability to “wake up” an app, which is close but is downloading on the Smartphone.

Deep emerge into Beacon Technology

Most beacons utilize BLE technology / Bluetooth Smart Technology as it need low energy consumption and low implementation cost. The technology only permit for small amounts of data transmission, and it is the cause of most beacons only transmits their IDs.

Beacon IDs made of three values:

  • One is the Universally unique identifier (UUID)
  • Other of Major value
  • Another is Minor value

The aim of transmitting the ID is to differentiate a beacon from all other beacons in a network. Major and Minor values are the integer values connected to the beacon, for greatest accuracy in identification. Beacon also carries information (news) about its signal power to determine the false way of the source.


i-Beacon is a brand name made  by Apple Inc., which was first presented at the World Wide Developer’s assembly  in 2014 as part of Apple’s iOS 7. It is a technology change of Apple that has been implemented in the location framework of iOS 7 and latest operating systems. As given above, i-Beacon uses BLE technology to get sense proximity and transmit a UUID, which triggers a command in a compatible app or operating system.

Eddystone – A Game Changing app

In answer to i-Beacons, Google come with the beacon project called Eddystone on July 14, 2015, with more wide and flexible approach. Eddystone is Google’s wide-source, cross-platform BLE beacon pattern. However Apple’s i-Beacon only works with iOS devices, Eddystone works with Android and iOS machine. Unlike i-Beacons, they not only spread their UUID but also pre-programmed web page URL therefore doesn’t need the installation of specific apps. The URL can  be a regular web page giving relevant information, for e.g. a beacon further  to a restaurant can broadcast a connect  to a YouTube clip or their specialty menu. Similarly, Eddystone will get in new Internet of Things use cases.

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