Discussing the New Features of ASP .Net MVC that making it much preferred

New Features of ASP .Net MVC

ASP.NET MVC is a testable and lightweight framework developed on top features of ASP.NET which was system.web & that brought over loads of legacy code or existing baggage.

In ASP.NET MVC 5, MVC, Web API, and Web pages were implemented individually, leading to inconsistencies and duplication. The ASP.NET MVC adoption for enterprise application development was rising for years, and now it has gained a huge popularity in the field.

The latest features of ASP.NET Core MVC

Microsoft has entirely overhauled the present framework of ASP.NET MVC and arrived with a latest as well as advanced ASP.NET Core MVC. This latest framework not just facilitates you with better flexibility but moreover enables you to get competitive benefits with high-end web apps. Let’s here discuss the latest features due to which it is getting preferred.

Key features of Core ASP.NET MVC Framework:

Cross-platform capability

Core ASP.NET, contrasting the .NET framework is able to run beyond Windows platforms like Mac, Linux and the like. Visual Studio Code is actually a constituent in Visual Studio, the tool of development for ASP.NET that facilitates developing apps in Mac and Linux operating system.

Now, many professional .NET developers team is leveraging such platform independency quality of ASP.NET Core to build up a single application which can be operated on different platforms.

Enhanced support for cloud deployment

The support for cloud deployment is improved because of this framework’s modular architecture. The extended modularity and flexible environment offered by ASP.NET Core MVC facilitates you to develop apps that ready to get deployed on the cloud.

Additional flexibility of getting open sourced

As ASP.NET Core is open source, it empowers you to preserve modularity all over the environment of project development with the aim to simplify the coding. It also grants you the facility to add libraries as well as framework components as needed for the app deployment.

You can gain the assistances of NuGet Package Manager to deal with the runtime. Moreover, you can include libraries of .NET Core as well as libraries of ASP.NET Core framework in accordance with your project requirement.

Recently commenced Tag Helpers

This is the newly added feature in the framework of ASP.NET Core. The Tag Helpers allows your server-side code to take part in building as well as rendering HTML elements in the Razor files. Moreover, you can use them to describe custom tags, for example: <environment> and to revise the behaviour of presently available tags, for example: <label>. It can furthermore be utilised to replace HTML helper approach in some cases since it is easy to use.

In addition, Visual Studio, IDE for .NET sustains the formation of HTML elements having Tag Helpers in a superior way.

Supports hosting Liberty

Contrasting ASP.NET app development, when talking about the ASP.NET Core app development, the apps can run on web servers aside from the IIS (Internet Information Services). This is due to the reason that ASP.NET Core supports cross-platform and it could not keep the app dependent just on the IIS.

In the past, IIS was the default server for the applications of ASP.NET. In addition, ASP.NET Core provided a specification of OWIN that is Open Web Interface for .NET app.

Support for JSON dependent configurations

Since ASP.NET Core MVC is an advanced framework, it supports JSON based files as well as configuration providers. You have the flexibility to manage the data with different providers such as Command Line Parameters, Environment Variables, and Azure Key vault.

Unit testing through xUnit.net

In the Core ASP.NET MVC, Visual Studio framework for the unit test has been replaced through xUnit.net to carry out unit testing. In addition, the use of interfaces, as well as DI in this framework makes it compatible for the unit testing.

So, these were the latest features of Core ASP.Net MVC Development that make it very popular in the present era.

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