Let’s Review the Best Cross-Platform Development Frameworks

Cross-Platform Frameworks

As in a lot of cases, native development enables delivering extra quality products than just cross-platform application development performs, here come to technologies of cross-platform enabling to build awesome modern apps much easier and faster.

As the market has all the time been very competitive, professionals have to look after quality & try hard for delivering high-quality frameworks.

At the present time, some best ones are PhoneGap, Flutter, Xamarin, & React Native. I have comprised Flutter in the list as a novel promising tool that now is quickly attaining popularity

React Native

It grew out of the React.js, the latter built via Facebook to repair their chat. The main element of React.js is a renderer layer, enabling the intermediary JSX language to render in HTML that is previously perceived from the browser.

At several points, the people from Facebook recognized that they can utilize exactly the similar method for their smartphone solutions. The React architecture enabled to add a native renderer, converting JSX into native platform constituents. Consequently, they attained React Native.

The key benefits of React Native are here:

  • A solitary framework & tools for both of the platforms, thus it doesn’t matter whether you do their task on Android or iOS application version – the tools are similar.
  • High speed & more simple application development process
  • Debugging and Testing: you can run the app on two platforms at the same time. When, for instance, changing the slicing, you perceive the changes on both gadgets, which is pretty convenient & simplifies the process of testing.
  • React Native is the best solution for quick prototyping of web applications’ mobile versions. Moreover, if a web app is previously written on ReactJS, the momentum of transferral goes very much swiftly.
  • Other effective and popular technologies “on package”: Node.js and JavaScript as well as Facebook support, no payments and hot reloading.


It is an open-source framework for cross-platform app development, which goes for free. It is the cloud-based tool that doesn’t need SDKs, hardware, and compilers for developing apps.

In the present era, PhoneGap is a very popular cross-platform development tools, facilitating engineers to build applications on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

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By making use of this framework, professional programmers possess the capability to simplify custom application development: you develop a native app which in fact reflects an embedded web browser as well as a solitary-page HTML.

You can have no direct access to API because all interface elements inside the web page are only stylized like the native ones.

To attain the system functionality, expert programmers connect particular plugins, which add JS approaches inside the web browser as well as link them to the native implementation on every platform.

Adobe PhoneGap will completely suit well with you if you require building an app interface or an easy app with 10 to 16 screens having a small user audience, for instance, for creating the enterprise solutions.

The work on PhoneGap App Development framework needs the expertise in building single page web apps (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). We can help you in such PhoneGap app Development Services.

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