How Incredibly the Google is using AI and Satellite Data to Avoid Illegal Things

Google Using AI for Security

Image Search, translation tools etc are some Google services that utilize sophisticated ML that enable the devices to listen, see and speak like a human being.

Machine learning is presently the most advanced applications in the field of AI. It is based on the fact that, if the machines are taught to learn by processing a big amount of data, they would get increasingly better in the accomplishment of tasks that were supposed to be completed by the brains of humans.

Similarly, the natural language processing utilizes the real-time language translation service of Google to comprehend the nuances of person’s speech (whatever the language it is), this helps the exact translation of human language.

Moreover, Google utilizes ML in its Nest “smart” thermostat products through analyzing the way devices are utilized in homes they get better at predicting how and when their owners desire their houses to be heated, reducing the wastage of energy.

How Google is Helping the World

Apart from these general applications, Google has invented a lot of specialized apps for technology that is presently assisting to solve many environmental problems all over the world.

There many ambitious use cases in which artificial intelligence being taken under use. They perceive several incredibly interesting things in existence when we put together the potential of machine learning, cloud computing, and geo-mapping.

One great example is image recognition (derived from machine learning), which is utilized for a lot of different purposes, presently on the land, and all over the United States and Germany.

Sunroof Project, invented in the year 2015, entails training Google’s systems to inspect satellite data as well as identify the number of homes in a particular area has solar panels tied to their roofs. Apart from that, it can also recognize areas where the chance to gather solar energy is getting missed, as not any panel is installed.

This concluded in the creation of an ML system which grasps Google Earth satellite pictures, and merged it with meteorological data in order to provide an instant appraisal of whether a definite location would be the best contender for solar panels, & how much money as well as energy – a homeowner might save.

The Google’s algorithms for image recognition were intended to recognize the way to spot solar arrays in the satellite pictures. This system was swiftly put under use by the town of San Jose in California just like an initiative to discover locations where the solar energy of 1 gigawatt could be generated from the novel panels.

This initiative is a great example of how artificial intelligence and machine learning – powered by datasets that are publicly available – are enabling latest solutions to troubles of the modern era.

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