Google is Blessing the Upcoming Cars with Android OS

Android Auto Inside Audi

Google is now taking a major step toward converting the Android into a whole operating system for upcoming cars that don’t need the usage of a phone. It has announced the partnerships with Volvo and Audi in the Google IO 2017 conference that will witness those car makers who construct new best class infotainment systems through Android 7.0 Nougat.

What Would Be Included in those Cars?

The system provides Google Maps navigation, obviously, as demoed in a Volvo V90 prepared with the Android inside the car particularly for demonstration reasons. But it moreover offers simple access to your cabin AC as well as heat, & you can ask the Volvo to just cool things down or warm them up to put the air off or on. Moreover, the Android-based OS can have the best control on windows, the sunroof & much more.

You can also utilize Assistant-companionable smart home gadgets from the console of your car’s cockpit through voice commands. The guide for the understanding, Senior Product Manager of Google Haris Ramic, showed the way this works with the help of Hue light bulbs as well as a Nest learning thermostat, mounted for the demo on a wood backdrop meant to replicate your house.

In general, Android inside the Car implies that you can take loads of your mobile knowledge with you, and nowadays that Assistant is getting enhanced cross-device features & Google is actually pushing it with developers, this must be very good news for the users.

We still need to wait a moment for this to get it there in cars and you can actually purchase: Volvo stated that it will be debuting on upcoming cars sometime approximately in two years, but it is not getting more exact than that. Audi is presently taking a more precautious approach. The firm says it has not yet decided whether to get Android in production cars, but it actually is functioning on concepts, a spokesperson said.

Audi spokesperson says using Android would enable it to accelerate the progress of its infotainment systems & tap into a lot of Android developers who build as well as program new functions and apps.

For the users or consumers, this could signify the infotainment systems set up in cars might lastly meet the similar level of design and functionality found on their latest smartphones.

Google considers taking Android & moving that into the latest car as a sort of a turn-key platform that will radically reduce the price of development for carmakers.

Automakers including Hyundai, Honda, and GM have utilized older versions of the Android OS inside the cars. And Google has taken their time with automakers to intertwine its services such as Google Maps into the proprietary software of car. But both the approaches were expensive and slow. For instance, bringing Google Earth into the vehicles of Audi in 2012 model-year automobiles took years, as stated by Brady.

A fine demo of this system will soon be on display at the Google I/O, this is where we will try to find out as much as we can about this innovative project of Google.

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