Responsive Web Design Services: What’s All The Fuss About?

Responsive Web Design Services

Responsive web design is a way to design a method which will be user-friendly and its environment is based on the size of the screen, platform, and orientation. Nowadays most of the people are accessing the web through multiple devices. Thus it is necessary to have a site which will be compatible with all devices. Here are some reasons were given by Samarpan Infotech team to use a responsive design for your website.

Respect Google’s guidelines

We all know that Google is the most popular and powerful search engine. It will lead the pack when it is the matter of knowing its users and customers. You have to follow the rules and guidelines given by Google as it is the powerful search engine. The effectiveness of Google will have to do many things with your search engine. You have no reason for not following the guidelines of this search engine as Google says that the configuration they have introduced is a responsive web design. Thus on the basis of Google’s advice, you should switch your website to responsive.

Eliminates duplicate content risk

Responsive design provides a single environment to create any site if you are not using this then you have to make different sites for the different environment. As an example, if you are not using responsive design, then you will need one site for your mobile and one other for your desktop. It is just creating a duplicate of data among various devices. It is highly risky to use same pages on different pages because you have to face the risk of uploading another version somewhere else along the line or updating only one version and not doing it for other. It becomes easy to keep records of your website when you have only medium to take care off.

Link building

As we have mentioned above, responsive web design provides a unique URL on every page. Thus you can share a common link between your mobile devices and your desktop main website. Less multiple URLs for the same medium helps in the non-dilution of the page and keep the back end profile for mobile and desktop more strongly and effectively.

Lower bounce rate

If your website is not satisfying your customer need than the user will immediately leave your website and switch to another one after some trials. This will take your website to low rating because of an increase in bounce rate. When you have fewer ratings then you will have the least preferred and there will also be the reduction in the clients to your website. The bounce rate will increase when viewers of your website access it without any reviews. If you want to reduce bounce rate then responsive web design is the best way. It also helps to increase your ratings and effectiveness of your SEO.

Improve search rankings on mobile devices

Google has worked a lot in such cases which have brought a change in search rankings. Searching on mobile devices has overhaul web searching across all over the world. That is why Google will rank mobile optimized URLs higher than the web URLs.

Learn Importance of Responsice Web Design

You should use a responsive web design as it not only providing the single environment but also helps in increasing the ratings of your website. It helps in increasing your visibility and rankings of the search engine. It is best to go through the design which will be helpful to you and your website in every manner. And you can value highly by Google after opting this kind of web design.

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