The Consequence of Continuous AI Advancements: Exciting or Scary?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an intriguing field not only due to the immense potential it possesses but also due to the ultimate ego increase it can provide humans- allowing us to play God as well as create something which can think on their own. In the recent few weeks, so much has been spoken as well as written about AI. Popular discoverer Elon Musk lately said that governments require starting regulating artificial intelligence right now because in the case left unaddressed, they can probably cause a ‘fundamental danger to the availability of civilization’, & Mark Zuckerberg’s replied to this statement by saying that it is simply the naysayers who are cautious of the AI. Tech giants are also building up self-learning software and AI engines which started communicating with one another through their personal ‘secret’ language.

The Increasing Popularity of AI

In the present era, AI is properly popular as weak AI (or narrow AI), in this it is designed to carry out the narrow task (for example only facial recognition only driving a car or only internet searches). On the other hand, the long-term goal of a lot of researchers is to develop general AI (strong AI or AGI). While narrow artificial intelligence may outperform humans at whatsoever its precise task is, like solving equations or playing chess, the AGI would outperform humans at almost every cognitive job. A lot of IT company India making use artificial intelligence to make things high-tech and advanced.

Being an industry, Artificial Intelligence is in high-growth mode. Analysts forecast that the global market of AI will be around $23 billion (1.48 lakh crore is India currency) by the year 2025. While a lot across the world are agitated concerning how it can automate and revolutionize the way we do things, moreover, there are numerous naysayers for the tech. For example, the latest exchanges between Mark and Elon, both highly regarded in the field of innovation and technology.

AI: Scary or Exciting?

The thing about artificial intelligence is that it is exciting as well as scary in equivalent parts- exciting due to the possibilities it could provide, & scary due to the narrow understanding many of us have of it. There is the existence of recent developments which support both the feelings. On the first side, a tech giant’s AI trained itself from scratch on the way walk and run in virtual spaces, by reinforcement learning- and incentivizing the agent to go from one point to another using a set number of abilities and sensors. No definite instructions, like using its arms or legs, were provided to travel through the obstacle-riddled surface, thus the AI taught itself multi faceted behaviors of navigating and running around them. While the method it employed was distinctive, it showed what it was competent of.

On the second ‘scary’ side, there have been statements of a firm shutting down one of its artificial intelligence engines once the developers found that it had developed its own matchless language which humans can’t understand. The purpose of the programmers was for 2 robots with diverse goals to discuss with one another in English on a trade, and it appeared to fail when they began talking together in gibberish. But very soon, programmers discovered that the ‘secret’ language had their own rules & that several of the negotiations were done successfully in the novel language! While such examples can probably be extreme, what it did is draw some notice to an under-examined, but the critical topic. Provided how young the AI field is, individuals inside the scientific community think if there will ever arrive a time when an artificial, super-intelligent, conscious entity would take over our world, specifically in any of our lifetimes. However, that’s not to say since it can’t happen at all.

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