Microsoft Azure Has Joined Cloud Native Computing Membership

Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft has recently joined one another open source membership. Times change, & obviously, Microsoft has decided to change with them.

In the last week, the company announced that they have joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation at the position of a top tier platinum member. That group is a project of the Linux Foundation, in which Microsoft has also taken part as a platinum member. As per the CNCF website, the membership is charging Microsoft $370,000 every year.

As they joined the Linux Foundation in the previous year, and presently decided to expand this bond through CNCF membership like a natural next step to devote in open source communities & code at multiple levels, particularly in the area of containers.

Several precise examples include the following:

  • Kubernetes: The organization of Microsoft has been providing the contribution of code to the project of Kubernetes, as well as operating Kubernetes as a constituent of the Microsoft Azure Container Service. The manager of engineering and architect Brendan Burns is one representative of these Kubernetes project maintainers.
  • Containerd: Proficient engineers of Microsoft contribute code to spread out containerd to Windows Containers; Mr. John Howard from the team of windows is one of the maintainers of the project.
  • Helm: This project was started through Deis before being attained by Microsoft as well as continues to be improved and also developed by expert Microsoft engineers. Adam Reese, Matt Butcher, and Michelle Noorali are all best project maintainers.
  • gRPC: A high-performance, universal RPC framework, wrapping up multiple languages, for instance, Node.js, Ruby, Go, Java, and C#, we decide to boost our participation.

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Open source is the best path to scale the software development further than what any solitary organization can do. It enables vendors, researchers, customers, and others to work together as well as share knowledge concerning problems & solutions, like no other kind of advanced development. Our firm strongly believes the strength of open source develops from strong and diverse communities & that we have a compulsion to support such communities through participating like code contributors & in the associated committees and foundations.

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