Auto Insurance Claim Procedure in USA – Part I

Insurance Claim Process

How you do Report Claimed Online?

When you are prepared to report a claim online, simply log in to your policy to get ready. We will ask you some questions about the following:

  1. Policy information.
  2. Your information (name, address and which vehicle was involved).
  3. If you were not driving – the name & address of the person who was.
  4. A basic info of what happened.
  5. Proof of the damage.
  6. Estimated time/location of the place event.
  7. Info of anyone else proof (other drivers, witnesses, etc) is also helpful.
  8. Kind of claim (accident, glass, theft/vandalism, fire, weather).

Once you review & submit your claim, we will confirm we got your report and provide a claim no. for you to reference. We will also set hope about when your claims holder would be called.

Checking of Your Claim Status:

After a claim reported, either online or by phone, you can log in to your policy any instant online to check the status in any time. You’ll see:

  1. Claim status and contact information.
  2. A review of your policy coverage.
  3. A copy of the repair estimate.
  4. The repairs status to your vehicle.
  5. An overview of payments mode.

How to do Report a Claim offline?

Contact Your Insurance firm – Call your agent or insurer to report the accident as soon as possible. Be ready to provide the following information:

  1. Which covered vehicle was involved?
  2. Who was driving?
  3. Location & time of the accident.
  4. A basic info of the accident and the severity of the damage.
  5. The name & insurance information of the other driver.
  6. Names and contact info of others involved in the accident and witnesses proof.

Take notes & write down the claim no. You are provided, and the name and direct phone number of the man you talk to.

Send File a police to report – Your insurance company will ask a police report number. If you did not have a police report at the scene, you can even now go to a local police station and file a report.

Go Through with insurance adjuster – The insurance company would assign an adjuster to your claim. The adjuster will most frequently contact you for additional info. Stick to the truth and avoid speculation when saying what happened. Provide any images you took at the scene and the contact info of any witnesses. Remember that the conversation must be recorded and will be utilized when determining who was at fault. If you are filing a personal hurt claim with the other insurance of driver, you may want to contact an attorney prior to this step.

In addition to collecting information about the accident, the adjuster would either inspect the damage to the vehicle or would ask you to take the car to a repudiated repair shop that will perform the inspection.

Evaluation: Your adjuster will assume and evaluate the facts and your policy no., inspect the damage, and potentially make a starting payment.

Resolution: The adjuster will power a final payment. You will sign a release, accepting that the payment as payment in full for the matter.

This was some handy information. You will know more about the same in the next part. And please get in touch with us if you require any other insurance solutions.

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