Getting Good HR and Job Portal Solution Providers is No Expert’s Task

HR and Job Portal Development

You can think of it as build up but corporate portals will soon convert the way business is carried out. Portal development services are to be the addition part of today’s IT business; portals may be developed for every kind of industry. Choosing a portal development service provider is a depleting task. Getting development solutions in your money package is even more consumptive. Before going to portal development always frame what you require in your thought and the way you would like to carry it to the solution provider.

There are several types of portals that are highly discussing in the later parts. Let me list down few of them for you to pictorial representation – the kinds of portals among which you can select the one that suits you the best:

  • Vacancies alert portals
  • e-Learning or teaching Portals
  • Private Portals
  • Community Portals
  • Knowledge Portals
  • Industrial Portals
  • Tour and travel Portals
  • And many more

Tips to Choose The Best HR and Job Portal Solution Providers

Getting the best solution provider doesn’t start through looking at their letters of introduction or portfolio rather, it starts by knowing and listing down what your organization’s aims are, and fundamentally what your organization requires. Place suitable marketing campaigns that you make to put up for your organization’s products or services, value it, and find out what are the operations that your business requires and must be there on your website. Never make comparisons to other sites.

Properties of good solution providers are given follows:

  1. Experience: A Well experienced and trained service provider may not simply develop according to your necessities but also gives addition features to your portal enriched with his experience that can earn revenue for you.
  2. Infrastructure of a firm: A most truly portal development may only get place in the fully functional set up, an infrastructure that has all the necessary equipment for successful implementation of it.
  3. Working tactics are clear or not: They require keeping their working tactics transparent to properly accomplish the necessary stage and other stages of portal development life cycle in order to get what is on user’s thinking and serve him the best.
  4. Work process: It must require for portal development service provider to following all the steps of its lifecycle as it supports extract bigger mistakes that can lead to software malfunction.
  5. Payment methods: Service provider must clearly carry the payment details and make a true and right agreement for the project being handled.
  6. Clean and semantic hand codes: Coding is most important, if coding is clear and with easy logic there is extra chance to extend the project.
  7. Quality standards: It is best to select providers that get sure ISO standards. Also, development must be done with testers and quality assurance team on same ground.
  8. Cross browser compatibility: Your items or product would be useless if it doesn’t help cross browser compatibility as it would be best seen in some of the browsers but for some users who do not use the typical browser where the site works, the site is of no use.
  9. 24 hrs customer and technical help: This is of utmost important feature among all; assume loss you will suffer from when your site is not doing for some causes for a whole day! So that, you will require technical support from your service providers always.

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