Top Benefits of Using PhoneGap for Mobile App Development

PhoneGap App Development

Are you worried about how your different apps can be accessed as well as how look like from various smart devices & how effortlessly a user can discover his navigation to your offering of core business? Since Android and iOS are the two very popular platforms in the world of mobile phone, developers are much fascinated to target them & this has really forced them to develop separate apps for diverse mobile devices. Think about what was actually their consideration choice. The PhoneGap!

You can see a lot of rewards when talking about concluding an enterprise mobile app development through it. Here, we are discussing allot about the same.

PhoneGap has transformed as one the extensively utilized cross-platform frameworks amongst developers. Here are some future prospects of cross-platform app development. Mobile applications employing it use a solitary code-set yet they can operate on manifold OSs. With this approach, developers do not require to develop multiple-platform versions of a single app. Therefore, this technology frees professionals from writing the code of a single application over and over again, for all the platforms.

We can’t deny the fact that it is an influential open-source application development platform. Initially created as Apache Cordova, it can be utilized to develop applications which run fluently on mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Widows Phone. Here we have listed some of the best rewards that developers get when they perform development.

Best Rewards that Developers Get During PhoneGap App Development:

Easier Getting Started

The PhoneGap is actually reliant on 3 web technologies: HMLT5, JavaScript, and CSS. It simply implies that creating applications with such framework is much easier than you actually think. Such applications have support from nearly all browsers. Developers possessing experience in web development can develop apps with the help of this framework. PhoneGap enables you to develop smart & intelligent applications without any necessity of big investments.

Solo Code Base for Many Platforms

A PhoneGap app development framework exhibits the best compatibility with Android, iOS, Windows 7 and also mobile web. In this way, it radically reduces the enterprise mobile application development as well as delivery cost.

Reduce the time to market & money investment

An enterprise app development technology necessitates abiding by the concept of WORA that means write once and run anywhere you want. Thus developers need to put all their efforts into just a single application, into a single code set due to the reason that with PhoneGap app development, they can develop diverse programming language versions of a code through a single source for various platforms.

Utilise the native features of a gadget

Even though PhoneGap utilizes web technologies, it enables apps to employ native device features such as camera, accelerometer, geo-location and a lot of others. By having the assistance of this framework, programmers do not have to cooperate on user-experience. Applications built through PhoneGap can effortlessly use each of the native features of a gadget.

Quick Deployment and Testing

The team of testing doesn’t require to cross-check the widespread aspects built through Web elements of the application across different devices or platforms. They have to concentrate only on the aspect of UI that actually drives user engagement.

Extend functionalities & features

The PhoneGap framework supports plug-in architecture that facilitates professional app developers to extend features and functionalities of a mobile application. Now if you desire to add features anytime you need, just add relevant functionalities and your mobile app is all set to support it.

Some other Advantages of PhoneGap App Development

Besides all the mentioned factors, below are some other advantages:

  • This platform has a native plug-in model that makes it much flexible, which means that users are competent to write their own code for diverse plug-ins.
  • These apps are much easy to install just similar to other native applications.
  • This platform includes a lot of application programming interfaces (APIs) which assist developers in accessing the native OS functionality by making use of JavaScript.
  • Easy marketing of the developed applications: The apps developed through PhoneGap can be simply marketed & distributed in the application stores.
  • Perfectly packed with manifold libraries: this comes packed with a number of libraries that make apps development easier since libraries assist in incorporating various functionalities into the applications effortlessly. Moreover, this saves priceless development time.

In Conclusion

Thus PhoneGap framework is the best one that allows professional developers concluding cross-platform and enterprise app development projects together with keeping the company budget as low as possible. Choose Samarpan Infotech for the best experience of PhoneGap App Development.

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