Why to Prefer Leading AWS Solution Providers?

Amazon Web Services

A lot of people ask for convincing reasons on why they must think about AWS for their infrastructure requirements. As there are thousands of clients leverage AWS in above 190 countries, with many case studies involving companies such as Netflix, Dow Jones, SAP, Pinterest, Coursera, Reddit, Vodafone, NASA/JPL, 99Designs, Flipboard, Thomson Reuters, Expedia and LinkedIn but many people who are handling their infrastructure domestic or in a co-located data centre, may also have concerns about security, cost, data privacy and much more.

Here are Some Benefits of Choosing the Services from AWS Solution Providers:

  1. Zero CapEx: A lot of people have a thought that Amazon web services or any further cloud-based solution are just for the rich people. But, the reality is totally opposite. We witness AWS as playing field leveler allowing start-ups to take benefit of high-end technologies as well as infrastructure requirements with the ZERO CapEx.

    Start-ups getting away from choosing Oracle as their database or another kind of commercials software that require high upfront licensing price must look at AWS Marketplace & in high-probability, they may find those products in a model that is hourly priced with no up-front price.

  2. Get Rid of Negotiations: Certainly, a cost negotiation is not a proficiency area for a lot of people and neither are we fond of spending our valuable time and energy doing the same even if we possess the skills. AWS is extremely focused on lessening infrastructure price for their clients. They have diminished their pricing all over different services more than thirty times in some recent years. Tools such as Trusted Advisor, or the 3rd-party tools such as CloudCheckr, Cloudyn, Cloudability etc. can offer you insights to optimize price within your present setup on AWS.
  3. No-Commitment: Whether you need a server for a small website hosting, a Content Delivery Network (that is CDN) for bulky traffic sites, scalable and reliable email service, Hadoop cluster for your BigData requirements, or data warehousing service, AWS provides everything with totally no commitment at all, and not even a month. Each of the server-backed services is charged on the basis of hours, so the moment you stop or terminate a server, you will not be charged from next hour.
  4. Procurement: Procuring a novel server might require time between various hours to 8-10 days dependent on whether your infrastructure is co-located, on-premise or if you are allied with the hosting provider. The same time is required to procure software licenses too. But, AWS allows you to spin up new servers in just a few minutes with no want to purchase separate licenses for many types of software and operating systems.
  5. Security: This technology has developed highly secure and world class infrastructure, both physically as well as over the internet. Some of the highlights from the security measures revealed on AWS website are:
    • Multiple geographic regions, as well as Availability Zones, enable you to stay flexible in the face of many failure modes, comprising system failures or natural disasters.
    • Data centres are actually staffed 24×7 by highly practiced security guards, & access is strictly authorized on a basis of least privilege.
    • Leverage Identity and Access Management (IAM) and CloudTrail to keep the record of all activities carried out by various users.
    • Competence to configure integral firewall rules from completely public to fully private or somewhere in the middle to control access to instances.
    • Some other highlights comprise Multi-factor authentication (MFA), private subnets, Isolate GovCloud and best-encrypted data storage.
  6. Pay Per Use: Think of unlimited space for your backup as well as archival requirements, ability to start new servers, CDN integration, upscale/downscale a server, unlimited bandwidth, transcoding media files and much more highly scalable features or services available to you when you pay according to your actual usage only.
  7. Flexibility: Forget about the scientific analysis or guesswork to recognize your infrastructure requirements. You can make use of auto-scaling to develop a self-managing infrastructure associated closely with the real need based on resources or traffic utilization. Amazon Machine Images (that is AMIs) allow you to spin-up duplicates in multiple locations for different environments just in few minutes, eliminating the requirement to repeat the steps of set-up each time.
  8. API: APIs are accessible in different programming languages to assist you to programmatically manage your infrastructure. Whether it indicates launching a novel instance or keeping backups, the whole thing is possible with the help of API. In actual fact, APIs are much powerful than the console of AWS Management.

So, this is all about the benefits of AWS. Whether you have a small or big business, cloud computing and AWS can help allot. Samarpan Infotech can help you in same amazingly as it is one of the leading AWS solution providers in India.

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