Top Benefits of EHR System Development for Clinics

EHR system development

More than 70% of hospitals in the United States had acquired an EHR (electronic health record) keeping system and it’s being adopted in Indian and various other countries also. But just to keep EHR System in clinics and hospitals and keep basic information of patient will not provide full advantage of the electronic health record system. They should go beyond the managing basic information as the information can be a major part in taking care of the patient at any level. By adopting the EHR system fully, hospitals and clinics can take following advantages:-

Here are Some Advantages of EHR/EMR System

  • A comprehensive view of the patient: Providers should attempt to have active patient records that can help to keep the continued information about person’s lifetime health issues. The centered continuous record for a patient helps for better treatment till the end of the life.
  • Better coordination of care: Digital information helps for more effective in taking care of patient’s health and in coordinating their regular checkups schedule. For example, clinics can have a “one-stop care” system that provides the services a patient needs —office visits, testing, surgery, hospital visits — under one roof so that the services can be provided to them on a single visit other than the daily visit to the clinic. To ensure better care of the patient, hospitalists collaborate with the specialist team to provide proper treatment.
  • Streamlined workflows: Electronic health record system had increased the efficiency of the information and reduced the paperwork. Patients and staff of the hospital had to fill fewer forms. Clinicians give more time in taking care of patients rather than doing paperwork. Referrals and prescriptions can easily be sent, wait times for appointments and pickups becomes less. Automatic reminders help the patient to remind about their annual checkups or alert them as they approach milestones that require regular screenings. Through integrated patient tracking, billing and insurance claims can be filed on time.
  • Sharing information: The sharing of information between the specialist, hospital, chemist, pharmacies and emergency departments as well as have on demand access to chat via mobiles provide better services and it will help in decision-making, mainly in critical conditions.
  • Greater efficiency and cost savings: Digital records and integrated communication methods reduce much paperwork like physical chart storage, forms. It had reduced the administrative costs and increases the productivity and efficiency of data among staffs, labs, chemist, pharmacies, and patients. It had reduced the time consumption.
  • The power of data: It had allowed the constant collection of data and greater personalization of care and allowed providers to take health issues in a preventive manner. “BIG DATA” analytics and entire patient data may be able to aware the providers to major health issues like potential outbreaks, fever, flu in the season of flu.
  • Reducing error: EHRs had reduced the possibilities of errors in documentations. It had made the documents so standardized that it is easy for everyone to read and understand it. Though the handwriting of the clinicians is not so easily understood the EHRs had reduced this headache. Anyone can easily interact with the prescriptions and keep themselves away from any harm.

This healthcare solution had improved the hospital record system. It had helped the healthcare providers to spend more time on treating the patients, taking proper care of them and providing well-defined facilities to the patients. EHRs also helped providers in keeping records in a well-defined manner and it can be shared with anyone swiftly and in an effective manner. Patients are being given more time in treatment rather than the documentation.

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