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Content marketing is one of the popular online marketing technique at the moment. But, what is content marketing and if you are the owner of a small business, how can you get benefit from it?

While content marketing has been a marketing buzzword just for some years, it really contains about twenty various ways to market products and services that are known to almost all knowledgeable Internet marketers.

According to the latest business content marketing information packages, the most used content marketing mechanism is social media, such as LinkedIn and Google+

Even though social media itself involves multiple services, small business owners seem to like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The second most general content marketing equipment is placing news clips on the company’s website. Other tactics, typically used by more than fifty percent of small businesses, including eNewsletters (or email newsletters), blogs, case studies, videos, stories on other websites, white papers and webcasts.

Do these tools work? Absolutely! Only 2% of all small businesses wish to reduce their budget for content marketing, whereas as much as 57% of companies plan to improving their content marketing investment.

Articles can be the most controversial marketing tool

Lots of small businesses believe in the power of articles or blog – whether they are posted on the company’s own website or third party websites. However, not standing with their popularity, most small companies are not clear about the sales value of those news stories.

I believe this is because the article is a misunderstood marketing tool. Small businesses that do task with an online marketing firm to place sponsored articles to other websites, typically tend to make the mistake of being way too self-promotional. Perhaps this is because almost all small business entrepreneurs can sometimes be proud of their achievements or maybe third party marketing companies believe that they would have to use a promotional tone. The end result is an article that can be read because of an appealing headline, but that does not serve potential clients to the company’s website, may not produce highly qualified leads, and therefore, would not fuel sales.

If you do not satisfy with this assumption, just visit press release distribution companies’ websites like as PR Log and their newsroom. I am sure that you might consider three-quarters of press releases surprisingly self-promotional, awash along with material that journalists will regard as terrible.

The other common used marketing method is to place articles on the company’s own website. This can be great valuable if your business already has an existing following and help; people who go your website for news.

But, if your wish is to boost your sales, this tool cannot produce great results either. If the news reports have been licensed from a content marketing company and already published someplace else, search engines like as Yahoo would think of it as just a duplicate. As the material is not unique content, it would not build up your company’s keyword ranking that highly.

If optimizing your site and driving potential leads to it was that simple, everyone will just include outbound links to existing stories on their website and smile all the way to the bank!

What if you would come to be a media magnate such as Ted Turner at once?

The latest research report shows that people consider traditional ads pushy, so articles may be a very effective content marketing method because a handful of companies specialize in building news sites for small and medium-sized companies. It is as if you owned your own newspaper or trade journal! Think about a number of new sales you could produce!

The content marketing company along with a strong background in journalism and media designs a particular news site for you and then writes news articles and shoots videos that are located at the site. The end result appears to like a neutral news site, even though its exclusive purpose is to influence its readers to contact the company, the exclusive sponsor of the news site. Articles can have a call for action along with a link to the company’s website, or any other contact information the company can like.

As the article is unique content, search engine likes them. And, as fresh materials are publicized on a daily basis, the news site’s ranking enhance – not just among your primary keywords, but using a multitude of long-tail keyword combinations. As the number of visitors goes high, you can collect more highly qualified leads which you can then shift into business.

How much money this take ?

Less than if you tried accomplishing it in-house and however here is the challenge. Several small businesses still believe they could grow their operations and generate terrific results through doing content marketing on the side, not standing with the fact that the news site outsourcing process is simple and affordable. 39% outsource few part of content production but only 3% of small business owners utilize outsourced content exclusively. 65% of large businesses based on experts and outsource their content design.

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