Benefits of Apps and Android App Development Company with Regards to Marketing


The smartphone is the one place where you can get everyone in your target coverage. Thus, why don’t you use the chance to reach Android app consumers?

With Android application development, brands can boost their customers’ offline experiences & connect with their loyal individuals, and drive e-commerce sales. As per the research, 52 percent of regular persons using a branded app are more likely to purchase that brand’s products.

The most innovative companies don’t like connecting with their customers through only advertising. Along with this, they use small platforms to reach their target audiences. 90% of the top 100 global companies with great branding produced at least one Android app.

Some Reasons for Brands to Choose Apps and Android App Development Company:

  1. Increasing awareness of brand: Marketing agencies are regularly looking for new platforms through which to advertise brands or at least place logos. Now visualize that each time users unlock their mobile phones they see your brand logo. Consequently, by increasing your brand’s visibility, you will surely increase your customer base.
  2. Consumers data collection: Since your app (hopefully) solves a problem for users, there is a chance more likely to share their data with you. You don’t require sending them an email regarding fill out a form for a bonus or something. Your application also considered a bonus, so it is easier for you to receive data about your users’ preferences.

    Basic Options for Data Collecting:

    Data collecting methods depend on the type of app, but there are many basic options:

    • Onboarding: You can collect essential information about a user with a few questionnaires during registration. You may ask questions about age, preferences, habits, & so on.
    • Bonuses query: If your app offers discounts, bonuses & special offers, you can offer some bonuses as a reward for a small quiz.
    • Analysis of in-app behavior: One of the advanced ways to collect user data, and the most common approach for loyalty applications. Your users make the purchases or leave reviews of your products, & you collect data regarding behavior, analyze that data, and correction of digital marketing strategy.
  3. Loyalty rising: A mobile app is a great tool for increasing loyalty. Starbucks is a helpful leader in building brand loyalty by mobile platforms. Starbucks is generally given as a perfect instance of brand tapping into a mobile-app-consuming audience.
  4. Increasing sales: As per the research, 38 percent of users of branded apps convey it as easier for them to use those apps to find out about special programs (offers) and discounts and to make buy than it is to do so via a website or a social media page. Therefore, a mobile application is an additional platform for individuals who find this type of interaction more convenient (beneficial).

So, getting a Android application for your brand is very much essential. In order to get that done successfully and in a beneficial way, all you need to do is choosing the best Android app development company that is the Samarpan Infotech.

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