Microsoft Announced New AI Tools for Developers Including Azure Databricks

Microsoft's Announcement Regarding Azure Databricks

In the annual event for professional developers at Microsoft Corporation, Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie publicized latest Microsoft data platform technologies as well as cross-platform developer tools. He outlined the company’s vision as well as shared what’s next for the professional developers all over the broad range of Microsoft & open source technologies, together with how Microsoft is assisting them to get more done across platforms or apps. He moreover touched on key app scenarios & ways developers can utilize built-in artificial intelligence to sustain continuous deployment and continuous innovation of today’s intelligent apps.

The Corporation launched a novel AI-powered platform “Azure Databricks” at the time of an event for developers.

Specifications of that Platform

Designed in association with the founders of Apache Spark, the Azure Databricks analytics platform distributes one-click setup, an interactive workspace, and streamlined workflows.

The platform will facilitate organizations to offer self-service analytics as well as machine learning on all data with enterprise-grade governance and performance, as stated by Microsoft in a statement.

“With the present intelligent cloud, emerging technologies such as AI has the capability to change every aspect of how we interrelate with the world,” stated by the Executive Vice President, Scott Guthrie.

Microsoft is launching tools designed to assist professional developers, data scientists, and development teams to collaborate & work together more competently for application development, management, and deployment.

The corporation announced the common availability of a “Visual Studio App Centre”. Professional developers can utilize App Centre to enhance productivity as well as accelerate app lifecycle, freeing them to expend more time on latest features & better user experiences.

Data scientists and Developers can also build up AI models through all the productivity of Visual Studio, on languages and frameworks.

In addition to that Microsoft announced, “Azure IoT Edge” which will allow AI, advanced analytics as well as machine learning for the IoT powered gadgets.

Thus Microsoft announced so much assistance for the developers and professionals of Azure Cloud Development.

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