How Auto Insurance Solutions Works Now in USA?

Auto Insurance Solutions

As auto insurance is highly essential in today’s age, the procedure of being insured is getting more advanced and convenient. Let’s now discuss the present modern way of doing insurance:

With the RateForce, the insurance process has got new ways of advancement and convenience. Following are the steps followed to get the insurance done:

Step 1: Request a new quote

This is the most simple and general step we do for the insurance generation.

Request New Quote

Applicant enters their own details, vehicle details, driver details and the rest essential things to get the quotes. The customer can enter multiple vehicles with associated drivers whose are drive vehicles.

After entering the details and clicking on the submit button, you go to the compare rate page of the different insurance company in which price for your insurance is written. If the customer is satisfied with the price, then he or she can choose to buy an online option to get the insurance. And if the customer is not happy with the price, he or she generally leaves the site without purchasing the insurance.

The customer can also purchase a policy online (By self-oriented). By online, the customer can fill all their details like questionnaire, agree with term & condition, etc. Then he/she can proceed payment.

Step 2: How to convince customers with better rate (offer better rate)

It is a hard part, but reality is in the insurance industry that without bargaining, can’t sell a policy. So RateForce is providing the feature that is called “Offer Better Rate (Auto Bargaining)”. 🙂

Offer Better Rate

“Offer better rate”: This is one of the best benefits of RateForce that any company can get. And this is the feature that is not provided by any other agent in the history. If the customer is not satisfied by the insurance rate and he leaves the site without purchasing the insurance, then the agent will see the notification in its portal and through “better offer rate”, the agent can send the message to the buyer about more suitable offers so that he can purchase the insurance.

On clicking the “better offer rate”, an automatic message generates in which offer rate is written for the buyer. In the side portion of the agent assist portal, the agent can iterate different rate of an insurance company (Office rate) that providing the offer rate and on choosing the particular company, an automatic offer message is generated according to that. When we choose the “send message” option, the message is sent to the customer’s phone so that he can purchase the policy if he likes the offer.

RateForce is also providing the auto-response feature. In this feature, insurance agency can set auto-response text, auto response email, time interval and last but important i.e. number of percentage which auto agency can give a discount to the customer.

This is the biggest advantage feature that any company gets through the RateForce. This is only one which provides such kind of advance feature for auto insurance in the USA.

Step 3: How to communicate with customers

Oh! It is the best part and every agent should like this part, is it?

Communication with Customers

Agents can easily communicate with customers through message communication feature provided by RateForce. It is a real-time communication environment in which the web to mobile and mobile to web communications takes place very conveniently. This method is aimed to reduce the communication gap between agent and customer. The agent can ask the customer if he or she is satisfied with the offer rate or not. If he is not satisfied with the offer, then the agent can easily ask for the license photo or four sides of vehicle picture by simply clicking on the symbol button.

Step 4: Choose Payment methods

Money! This one is most important part of every industry and no any question mark for that. 🙂

Payment Methods

Once the customer confirmed about his or her decision, the agent will select a carrier (auto company) which decided by the customer. After selecting a carrier, there will be various payment methods to choose from. The customer can choose any of them like a credit card, KIOSK, or online payment via stripe by giving bank details to the agent.

The stripe can be said very secure method for the payment online that we are using here for you. The customer can do payment through credit card by entering credit card details (feel free because RateForce is not saving any details from their server. And it is using the stripe for payment authorization). A customer can provide his or her account details to the agent but if he/she is not agreed, an agent can send the link where he/she can enter credit card details by their own.

The another option is KIOSK which is the most secure and convenient method that any customer can choose for payment. On choosing this option, an agent will send payment link to the particular KIOSK device and he/she will see the form where a customer can enter their credit card details.

Feel free to do payment because RateForce is LLC and authorized company. It is following security rule like HIPAA and also have private SSL license.

Step 5: Policy Making and Management by DocuSign Digitally

Save Tree and environment. RateForce follows the digital policy and digital signature. And policy will be authorized by USA government.


After doing the payment, the agent starts making policy through DocuSign, all details of the customer entered previously is automatically filled to the policy. Now the document will be sent to the agent for a signature. In the DocuSign agent just have to choose his signature from the provided options and it will be automatically filled in the document. Afterward, the document will be sent to the customer for signature. The Agent can send that document via Email, SMS, or KIOSK. Once the signature is provided by the customer, a policy link is generated that shows the completion of the process for auto insurance. At the last, this policy link will be sent to the customer and both agent and customer can manage it digitally.

If you need any information or assistance regarding this auto insurance solutions you can contact Samarpan Infotech.

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