Simplify Your Development with These Top AngularJS Frameworks

AngularJS Frameworks

With the advancement of Internet and technologies, it is an essential need for every business to have modern websites and apps. With the help of them, one can really attain scattered opportunities as well as potential customers but building a fine app and website is not a very simple task. An appropriate framework plays a vital role in the best growth of the online image of your company or business. AngularJS framework is one of them. ASP.Net MVC is also another light weight and highly testable presentable framework that any professional can choose for their high-tech and efficient development.

It is fundamentally a JavaScript framework, which is appropriately maintained by Google & helps in building one-page apps. It is attaining popularity chiefly due to its competence to simplify the process of development. There are various front-end frameworks supporting AngularJS that arrive with their inherent features to support your process of application development.

Below I have mentioned the list of several top frameworks:

  • Mobile Angular UI: Mobile Angular UI is the most common framework for the development of HTML5-powered mobile apps. It provides a lot of useful components such as overlays, switches, sidebars, navigation buttons, scrollable area and the rest. Aside from that, this AngularJS and Bootstrap optimised framework additionally support powerful libraries such as overthrow.js and fastclick.js. Consequently, with it, you can effortlessly design a responsive mobile user-interface and also convert your desktop app to mobile app.
  • Ionic: It is a prevailing front-end framework for the development of mobile and web apps. Iconic is optimised by directives of AngularJS to sustain the development of HTML5 and CSS3 powered apps. The framework is developed with SAAS & grants software development kit (SDK) in conjunction with a library of UI components in order that an interactive cum hybrid app can be effortlessly designed for the touch gadgets.
  • Supersonic: By the help of this dynamic framework, you can effortlessly develop a hybrid mobile application via a high-end interactive interface. Supersonic is a framework that easily integrates with REST API, enabling effortless data integration as well as a modification at the backend. It is a perfect framework to sign API-powered apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Radian: The characteristic which makes it distinctive from others is AMD (that is Asynchronous Module Definitions) structure. It is much preferred for writing features as well as building high-end web apps which support advanced functions. Radian also supports several file types such as CoffeeScript, vanilla JavaScript, SAAS and JADE files. It simply gets assimilate with Yeoman, a scaffolding framework, Protractor, and AngularJS testing framework.
  • LumX: Created on the guiding principles of Google material design, LumX is the best one for building robust one-page apps. It can design apps easier and faster with the help of jQuery and AngularJS. It is Saas, Bourbon and Neat integration assists in designing customised apps.
  • Mean.IO: Mean exactly stands for Express, Mongo DB, Node.js, and Angular.js. Therefore, it is a complete power compact framework of JavaScript which is not only efficient and light but also ensures taking off the unproductive work so that a proper and well-organized app can be developed. It is easy to understand, flexible and one of the top growing web development frameworks having a well-detailed document.
  • Suave UI: For creating a dynamic UI, this modern framework is containing directives & CSS definitions. It contains a number of features such as grid, form elements, negative/positive action buttons, s collared buttons, nack bar and much more.

Each of the technologies mentioned here is open source as well as free to use.

So, we see that we can have many options & much more will get introduced in future but one should always think about the functionalities, features and UI components of the chosen frameworks prior to using it. We are the best MVC development provider that you can choose for your awesome development experience.

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