Android Gadgets are Secretly Sending Location Data to Google

Android Gadgets are Secretly Sending Location Data to Google

As per the investigation of Quartz, it is revealed that Android gadgets are sending cell tower location data to Google although the user has disabled this service for applications in their settings.

More about the Investigation:

Quartz observed location data being sent also in the case devices had been choosing to the factory default settings. Devices of android with a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data were observed to send the data to Google every time they arrived within range of a novel cell tower — comprising devices having no SIM cards installed (such offloaded the location data through Wi-Fi, where accessible).

The Quartz says there is presently no way for Android users to save their location data from getting sent to advertisement targeting giant – Google — squat of taking away SIMs from their devices as well as disabling Wi-Fi (or even leaving the gadgets in the Faraday cage).

After the investigation with Google, Quartz tales that a company representative told it the mobile tower location data harvesting is taking place since the past 11 months & also that addresses of cell tower were included in the information sent to the system it utilizes to manage messages and push notifications on Android devices.

The representative further asserted that the location data was never stored or used. And Google said that it thinks to end the task by the end of the November month, having had the issue of location tracking flagged to it via Quartz.

Whatsoever the reason why Google is experimenting with the location info of harvesting Android users’, it’s another worrying instance of the firm slurping up sensitive user data devoid of making people openly aware of what it’s doing — let alone providing users controls to choose out of another main invasion of their privacy.

As per the Quartz’s findings, the location tracking did not seem limited to particular tablets or Android phones. It says that Google was actually collecting cell tower data through all the latest Android devices.

While this is noteworthy as a case of Google itself, platform controller of Android, apparently caught secretly tracking users’ location through the OS, last year a variety of budget Android smartphones purchased in the US were found to be covertly sending personal info to a third party firm based in China — incorporating information regarding users’ locations.

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