Let’s Have Much Knowledge about PhoneGap Roadmap 2017

PhoneGap Roadmap 2017

We believe that the year 2017 is especially thrilling because PhoneGap app development will be taking chief steps toward the mission. The PhoneGap team focus has always been to assist you to build amazing mobile applications through web technology & we believe that being companionable with the web is the appropriate way to get it done. This is the reason why the team is focusing on compiling your application for a gadget with Apache Cordova, getting them deployed the similar app onto the web like a Progressive Web Application, & assisting you to pick the right app stack for your requirements from the wonderful collection of open source frameworks and tools available.

Progressive Web Applications

The aim of PhoneGap is to enable you to develop hybrid mobile applications today with the aim of throwing those similar applications on the web tomorrow. It has been an extended game which the company started in 2008, but we think Progressive Web Apps are the ultimate sprint to the finish line.

In the present year, you can anticipate the PhoneGap team to build compatibility between Progressive Web Apps and Apache Cordova. This will enable you to build a PWA application, deploy this on the web, and moreover compile this for the App Store distribution.

App Stacks

One of the biggest strengths of this development is that it finely works by the web. In the earlier years, the finest hybrid mobile applications were developed from scratch devoid of an app framework. But, there are presently some incredible choices that enable you to build high-quality Smartphone application experiences.

The PhoneGap team decided to get it easy for the population to get up as well as running with the application framework of your taste. You can think of sample apps which show off things that are possible, direct to get you up & running, and supreme support from our tooling.

Apache Cordova

Just the once you have chosen the most suitable framework, it is good time to get started the development of your app. In the initials, Apache Cordova was PhoneGap & this is still our foundation. All through the year, you can look forward to clearer boundaries between Apache Cordova and PhoneGap. While it will concentrate on assisting you to develop your application, Apache Cordova will enable you to access native functionality as well as compile the application for the App Store distribution.

The professional team of PhoneGap continues to be greatly committed to the Apache Cordova.


Being professional developers, our tools are generally our rock. In the present world of JavaScript exceptions, compiler errors, and 404 requests, we can believe that our tools are secure. This is the reason why PhoneGap will be putting a greater focus on reliability and stability, specifically on Windows. With the aim to get this done, the team of it will be adding supplementary error reporting to our analytics. In case you receive a prompt to assist in perking up the quality of our tools.

Your most suitable tools are the ones that you make use of. PhoneGap has no ego concerning being your top-level tool that is why you can anticipate more compatibility between tools of PhoneGap and the frameworks which you are utilizing. This will enable you to preview your application on a mobile device earlier, deploy the application as a Progressive Web App, & ultimately enable PhoneGap app development to get out of your way.

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